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These are experiences quoted by Meri Maiya Bhakts. They are produced originally here without being edited. The dates mentioned are the dates of Incident, unless otherwise stated.

From: Neha Dhillon
Date: November 30, 2006

I had Meri Maiya Darshan this time along with my husband, Mother-in-law, brother-in-law and my daughter. I want to share with you my experience.

As usual it was a lovely feeling. Something runs in my blood as I get different vibration which I cannot describe. I always wanted to visit Mata Vaishnodevi Darbar. After our marriage me and my husband had gone once together. Though he had got the chance to visit again, but I could not go. I always thought Maa is angry with me.

Then I had the chance to go to India (we live abroad) in February and before leaving, I asked my family in India to make arrangements for Darshan for us all. But this time my husband was not able to come, as he was not traveling to India with us. Only me and my daughter were going, so we thought we will join my parents and my husbands family and go for Darshan. But somewhere deep down in my Heart, I wanted to go with my husband, but since he was not coming to India, there was no chance of going to Mata's Darbar with him.

Then suddenly my father fell sick and he was hospitalized. It was just one week before our program to visit Mata's Darbar, that the doctor said that my father requires complete bed rest and hence we had to cancel our visit to Darbar. This time I felt more scared that Maa is angry with me.

But then something unusual happened. We planned again in October same year our trip to India. And this time, we all three where going together. Me, my husband and my daughter ..... we were all going together to Meri Maiya Darbar. We booked the tickets with his family. Mata made my wish come true. She fulfilled my wish to come to HER Darbar with my husband.

Thank you Maa to understand us all the time ..... Tabhi to Meri Maiya Aap Jagat Janani Kehlati Ho .....

Jai Mata Di

From: Dr Anubha
Date: November 20, 2006

Jai Maa,
Tu Hi Tu Chharon Taraf Ish Sanasar Mein Maa
Last year in November my daughter met with very serious accident in her school. It was a terrible time for us. We did not knew what to do to save this small five year kid? With full faith in Maa, we left every movement of our life on Maa. We said "Maa you see the kid because she is your child not mine". It was Friday and I had started observing my first vrat on Maa' s name.

We took our Maa's kid to PGI, Chandigarh, and after a thorough checkup, the doctors told us to watch for another 24 hours. Next day she started feeling uneasiness. We again ran to the PGI Hospital, afraid. We were sitting in the emergency depts.. Her MRI was done and doctors were examining the MRI report.

I prayed "Maa Bas Ab Bahot Hogya PGI Ke Darshan now please call us for your Darshan" and within a few seconds a doctor came out of the emergency depts. and told us to take the baby home as she will be fine within few days.

Doctors of PGI hospital did their best for my child because it was Maa's presence every where. By the grace of Maa, she is a happy child again, playing and talking  and studying all days with lovely smile on her lips because she is Maa's child not ours, we are only fulfilling our worldly duties as mother and father with the guidance and love of Maa and Lord Pita.

With all my regards and love Maa' s putri,

From: Dinesh Jain
Date: October 6, 2006

I have many experiences about My Maiya, but two are unforgettable. First when Maiya saved us in swarup of Army officers at the time our bus was crossing the Pahari Nala on the Jammu Pathankot Road.

Second time it was in the Navratras, when I had been to Meri Maiya Vaishnodevi Darbar, and I had only 24 hours for Darshan due to limitation of my office leave. There was very heavy rush at Bhavan and I didn't have any chance of having Darshan, as my group number was at the very end. I prayed to Mata. "Hey Mata, Please give me Darshan,  or I will have to leave without your Darshan. I will also have to leave the Prasad I have brought along with me here".

Suddenly three young boys from Delhi approached me and asked if I wanted to join them as they had one extra ticket. I was very happy and joined them and had Darshan. This is great experience.

From: Kankika Garg
Date: August 21, 2006

Now that I am writing this to you, I really don't know how to express. But in my journey from my home to Mata's Darbar, I have felt miracles which I would like to share with you all.

We had been waiting for the train and we were told that the tickets cannot be confirmed. Me and my husband along with our 2 yrs old baby moved to the bus station. But thereto when we saw the state of buses we decided not to go. We again rushed to the Railway Station. We were already getting late, for the train was to leave by 9.30. To our luck the train had not arrived until 10.00 and we had reached on time ... Jai Mata Di. 

Still waiting at the station, one gentlemen came to us and said that he has a seat which was empty and we can have it ...Jai Mata Di. We boarded the train. Upon reaching Jammu, we found there were no taxis or busses available. A Autoriskhaw man came to us and said that he will take us, though auto's are not allowed to go to Katra. We went with him. Jai Mata Di.

As we reached Katra and got in the queue to get Yatri Tickets the line was so long that people around us said it will take 2 days to get the tickets. We still kept waiting. Then suddenly to our surprise, a group of young guys came to us and said we have extra tickets and you can come with us. They said they were looking for a family like ours to help ... Jai Mata Di

We reached Maiya Bhavan. When we were inside the cave, I felt Mata's miracle. The Milk bottle I had carried for my baby was fresh after so many hours of our travel. He was very hungry. Mata surly called us.

Just one thing, I was not able visit Bhairon Mandir as we had to rush to catch the train and had very little time. I still don't understand why and how SHE called us.

Jai Mata Di

From: Preetpal Singh
Date: August 19, 2006

This is the real incident that happened with me.

I was constantly failing for 3 years in Standard 10th. I was not able to concentrate on my Studies. Then I started chanting Durga Chalisa and Durga Kavach and the 13 Adhyaya of Mata Rani Saptsati. And now, with the blessings of Mata Rani, I have cleared my SSC and also completed my intermediate with 65%. Now, I am going to London for my further studies of under graduation programming

Jai Mata Di

From: Mata Rani's son
Date: April 2, 2006

I know everyone reading this would believe, but I don't know how to express in words, what MOM (Mata Rani) is for me. There is not only one experience, but everyday I receive new blessings which I can very clearly see.

I have been through tough times, and how I have survived is only cause of MOM. After studying from a premium university abroad, I didn't get a job for nearly 2 years. All my hard work had gone and I challenged MOM (in son's upset manner) that SHE cannot get these years back for sure.

I got two jobs the day Navratras were over and we had Kanjkan Poojan done. I have more trust in Durga Saptsati than anything else. Today I am at a position which no-one whom I know has reached in this short span of time.

In Durga Saptsati, MOM promises to complete every wish a person has, who reads the 13 Adhyaya of Durga Saptsati. This was to make sure I understand the importance of a job that MOM had kept me waiting so long.

I had lost my laptop and I knew for sure till which point in my journey I had my laptop with me. I told MOM, I need my laptop back and I don't care of anything else. I knew this was impossible. I knew it was stolen and I didn't know from where and how I could get it back. I got it back from the point where I had left it. Though the laptop was of not such importance but it was close to me.

Its been many many years since MOM had called me to HER Sachcha Darbar, but I'm sure SHE will call me very soon and I will let you know about this miracle too.

MOM is my  strength, SHE is my super soul, SHE is everything that is and is not. I just came to visit this site to feel relaxed and felt really good, that I have many brother and sisters who feel the same way for MOM. I haven't in my life written anything on any forum except for asking questions but seeing people praising MOM, I felt I should also express what I have received from MOM. I owe everything to HER.

Trust in Mom, That's all you need. Thanks for reading this and I revived my faith back in Mata Raniji

Jaikara Meri Vaishno Mata Raniji Ka, Bolo Sachche Darbar Ki Jai.

Jai Meri Pyari Mai Jyotanwali Mata, Sheranwali Mata, Unchiyan Phadanwali Mata, Mehrawali Mata Teri Sada Hi Jai

From: Deepa
Date: February 11, 2006

Jai Mata Di
Meri Pyari Mata

I want to share my experience with all Devotees, how I got Mata Ka Darshan and how I reached to Mata Vaishnodevi Darbar

I have strong faith in Mata. You may say, without Mata I can't even think. I started praying to Mata when I was 14 yrs old. One of my friend had given me Mata Ki Murti and asked me to light Diya in front of Mata daily. I used to pray and always dreamt that Mata will surely call me one day to her place.

After nearly 12 years, one day my Mother got tickets of Bias, where her Guru Radhaswami resides. I told her, that I will take you there, and asked her if we can go to Mata Vaishnodevi after that. My Mother and myself started planning for our journey. We had never gone anywhere alone, and now we were traveling all alone from Bombay to Jammu.

One of my Mother's friend asked us, that she would also want to join us, as She too wanted to visit Mata's Darbar. In this way we four ladies started our journey. My Mother and her friends are all above 55 yrs.

We reached Katra without any problem and my wish was to have Darshan on Tuesday.  So on Tuesday 14th Sept 2002,  early morning we started our Yatra. I was very excited to reach Bhavan and see My Mata. I had waited so many years to have HER Darshan. My Mother and her friends could not walk fast, so they asked me, to proceed ahead, as they will join me latter at Bhavan. I went along with the Pithu.

I started my Chadhai without chappels and fasting. I promised Mata, that I will drink water only after having HER Darshan. There was heavy rain too, but I did not stop my Yatra. The Joy and Happiness of being there made me get energy to climb. I was so happy that I can not express myself feelings. I reached Bhavan at night 9 p.m .

We had already booked our rooms at Bhavan. I went in the room and after having bath got ready. I had my new Red Salwar Suit and took all my Mata's Chunri and Payal and everything I have got for my Mata with Love.

But then, I came to know that I have only one Yatra Parchi (group number), and if I have Darshan, then my Mom and her friends will not be able to have Darshan. They were coming very slowly and I had already reached Bhavanfar ahead of them.

I met a boy who was taking care of the rooms in Kalika Bhavan. He told me that he will take me from military gate. He came to me as Mata ka Son. He took me directly inside Darbar without stopping. I was very happy and very excited. "Meri Maiya Ke Darshan Karne Gayi Thi Main."

They don't allow Sindoor and other things to be taken inside Darbar, but they allowed me to carry inside everything. I was full of energy and light in front of me, as I entered the gufa. Pujariji did really good Puja for me. I stood for at least 5 min in front of Mata and prayed with happiness and tears in my eyes that were not stopping. I started crying.

Pujariji gave me Prasad from Mata Ke Charno Se. Gave me flower and Sindoor too. He blessed me and said that I will get married very soon and "Jo Kaam Ke Liye Aahi Ho, Wah Pura Hoga." I really wanted to be there in front of Maiya only and did not want to move. I came out with full of Joy and Happiness. I was happy that I had my Darshan on Tuesday. I drank water and had Prasad.

Later my Mother and her friends came and they took bath. We again had Darshan together at 3 am midnight. In the morning we heard Aarti too. I again had Mata's Darshan. I had 3 times Darshan on my first visit to Mata's Darbar.

We distributed Prasad and Gifts to small girls and had Prasad ourselves. This way I had my first Darshan of My Mata. Then continuously I had Mata ke Darshan for 3 years.

Bolo Jai Mata Di

From: Harpreet Singh
Date: October 18, 2005

I am Harpreet Singh from Los Angeles, USA. I was to visit India in November 2005 and I did. When I was talking to my best friend, I briefly mentioned it to him that I would like to go to Amritsar to the Golden Temple and he also mentioned that since we will be so close we should go to Mata Rani's Darshan.

I didn't say anything to him, but in my thoughts I thought (Why, I mean come on, Jammu has lot of things going on and why he wants to do all these things) I didn't want to go. But as they say that Mata calls you and you have to go.

After I returned to USA, I never knew I will be going back to India within 2 months and this time I did go for Mata Rani's Darshan. I was amazed and started believing in Mata Rani's Shakti. Today I want to go back for Mata's Darshan and have firm belief that SHE will call me again. SHE is Great!

Jai Mata Di.

From: Kamlais
Date: October 9, 2005

I have been thinking about Meri Maiya for some time now. I will be going to HER Darbar this year in November. I believe Maiya wants me to visit HER.

I had a strange dream. In it, I and my family were in a car going somewhere. Looking out of the window I saw many people queuing up.  I did not know why, but after a while heard my daughter calling out to me to come and worship Mata Vaishnodevi photo before people came in. I was very surprised, when my daughter told me that I had my photo beside Mata Vaishnodevi. The place was very bright. After taking HER Darshan, I and my family went out. What I saw was amazing . I saw a mountain and at the base there were so many vehicles.  I realize that I was in Katra, the place of MATA VAISHNODEVI. There and then I decided that no matter what I would be going to pay HER a visit. 

The most beautiful thing is that my children especially my three years old son is so excited about going. The mention of Maiya and he gets very happy.  He is actually the gift from Maiya.  I would have lost him if not for Maiya. That's why I feel, I have the duty to bring him there to see his Maa. My baby is the only vegetarian in my family, and he is very religious and he loves to talk about Durga Maa and HER Tiger. I think I have HER bulawa and nothing is going to stop me from going

From: Pali
Date: July 7, 2005

I went through a lot of problems and one day, on the day of Asthami I saw something so dark that I shook my stove. I was told that it was vision of a black magic done on me. Amazingly a couple of months before I had seen myself going on Yatra to Maa's Darbar and saw how this black wind swept everyone away and I was asking everyone are they alive or not.

That day, it did not make any sense, but then when I actually saw what happened I felt Maa saved me. My husband did not believe me so I left it there. Then 2-3 months after the film Harry Potter 3 came out, and the whole movie was about the black shadow what I had explained. Today my husband has this DVD too, as he believes it.

I was going through a tough life and I saw this little girl in my dream and she showed me a diary. I got scared. When times are bad I guess it happens. I kept wondering why is it all happening and who this little girl is. She shows me a diary why? Then accidentally, I logged to this site which had Chanchals bhajan, I had never heard before "Bhakhton Ko Darshan De Gayee Re, Ek Chhoti Si Kanya. Sabh Ne Puchcha Naam Tera Kya Hai,Vaishnodevi Batla Gayee Re ...." Now I knew who came and just a few days after I get this beautiful yet simple diary in which for the first time I started writing. I write Dohas and Poems and get my answers. I live in Canada and today my entire life is assembled in that diary.

!! Jai Mata Ka Dankara, Peet Peet Main Gaon !!
!! Maa Ke Charanan Swarg Hai, Ro Ro Mein Batlaoon !!

From: Priya
Date: June 4, 2005

I have been a devotee of Mata since I was 17 years. I feel no other God or Goddess understands our problem better than Mataji. SHE has helped me in innumerable ways. When I had lost hopes totally, SHE gave me a helping hand and bring me back to normal life. I know that my career and marriage and whatever I have attained so far would not be possible with out HER. I thank you Mata.

No matter how many times I thank you, I know that it will not be enough. I want to visit your temple and I know, I have to travel many miles to reach you, but I will do it before the end of my life. I will surely visit your Darbar. Always be there with me Mataji, without your grace and blessings I can never be anything in life.

Jai Mata Di

From: Maa ki beti
Date: April 27, 2005

Jaikara Sheranwali Ka, Bol Sachche Darbar Ki Jai. Maa Meri Pyari Maa

Pehle Maa Ke Sabh Bhakton Ko Namaskar

I read these experiences ... I was so over overwhelmed, that there were tears in my eyes sitting in office. My life is a complete blessing by Meri Maiya and Bhagwan Shankarji. I remember when I was in college, I went to Meri Maiya Darbar, and promised HER, if SHE got me married to the person I want I will come bare foot, Maa Ne Meri Pukar Suni, Maa Ambe Jhat Prasan Hui

I got married to my very lovely husband by the grace of Meri Maiya, but things and life was not easy. We had to settle down because my family was a very well settled family in Kuwait and I wanted my husband to join us in Kuwait too. Initially for two months he did not get a job. He got a job at my fathers friend known persons office, where he got salary in 2-3 months. My husband sometimes felt very depressed, but Mata Rani Ki Kripa Se I got a good job. My salary was regular. After staying for six months with my father, mother, brother and bhabhi we decided to shift in a separate house. My cousin came with us. We just shifted and I had kept Maa Ki Chowki at Home. Maa Ke Ashirwad Se everything was going good.

Then suddenly I lost my job. I was depressed. I cried and prayed to Meri Maiya, because I could not tell this to anybody except Meri Maiya and my mother. Within a short span of 20 days I again got a good job, and then after one and half year Meri Maiya blessed me with HER Swarup, A Daughter. I always treated daughters as a sign of strength, love and devotion. I always wanted a daughter. Maa Ki Badi  Kripa Hui.

The Iraq invasion happened in 2003, so I had to go to India. When I reached India, Iraq was attacked by Bush's Army. I was very depressed. I wanted my husband to come to India. I prayed day and night. After three days, my husband came to India. Jai Mata Di. 

I had a daughter, and we had some problems relating to her visa to Kuwait, as she was born in India. I could not get it, but Meri Mata Rani Ki Kripa Se, I got a visit visa for my daughter. Then we tried for her residence but could not get it even though we tried all big contacts. Magar Maa Ke contacts Se Bada Kya Hai. Maine Sabh Maa Par Chhod Diya and then Chamkatkar happened I got visa for my daughter.

After 6-7 months when I was least expecting Maa Ki Kripa Se my husband got a job of his choice and today I can proudly and truly say "Meri Jholi Chhoti Pad Gayee Re Itna Diya Meri Mata ..... Meri Bigdi Tune Banayee Soyee Taqdeer Jagayee ..... Yeh Baat Na Suni Sunai ..... Main Apni Hi Baat Batalati Re ..... Itna Diya Meri Mata"

Main Itna Manti Hoon Ki Agar Sachche Dil Se Maa Ko Yaad Karien To Maa Aapke Har Kasht Vipda Harti Hai. Today it is due to Maa, that I can stand with my family. Jai Mata Di.

Jina Rakhiyan Tere Te Mai Doran, Ote Kadi Dolde Nahin Dolde Nahin ..... O Muyon Bol De Nahin. Jai Mata Di, but now I want to go to Meri Maiya Darbar. Maa Ki Badi Kripa Hogi. When SHE will give me Hukum, to come. Jai Mata Di.

Kripa Karna Maa.

Jai Mata Di

From: Preetha
Date: September 30, 2004

It happened in 1996. My father was ill and my mother was the active person in our home. Suddenly one morning She experienced an acute pain in her abdomen and also vomited. I got frightened. It is was more frightening because of my father's disease. I, immediately called my cousin brother and my father's clients. My cousin took her to a family doctor. She examined her and advised ultrasound.

Doctor suspected stones in kidney / bladder. Ultrasound was performed. I prayed to Mata, that nothing should happen to her, as she was the only active person and if she got well, I would pay visit at  your Darbar. My father's client's too came and took her to another hospital. They performed blood tests and gave her heavy injection and put her to sleep.

All the while I was praying to Maa. Blood test reports were to come in the evening and the ultrasound report in the afternoon. Ultrasound reports showed some stones and blood test reports suspected blood poisoning. I prayed to Maa fervently. In the evening one of our family friend has visited my mother and he advised us to give her barley water and also stem of banana tree. We gave her these. But, still she complained of having terrible pain all the while.

Then I decided to go for ultrasound again at another place and get the blood tests done again.

Miracle Miracle Miracle of Maa. Ultrasound report came clear ... no stone. Blood test report also was clear. Nothing wrong. All maya of Maa. I was overjoyed My mother's pain too vanished. She was back on her feet, and all these happened in just two days.

Maa, after eight years of the Mannat, I am coming to meet you at Darbar today. Maa give me Shakti and your blessings and be with me always. I want you to be with me always, this is my wish and my mannat now.

From: Bhavna
Date: September 16, 2004

Jai Mata Di,

I would like to share this experience of my life with all the bhakts of Mata. Recently I finished my masters and with dreams in my eyes, I joined an organisation where life got miserable for me. Nothing seemed to be working right, and I was literally going through a lot each day. Every day I got some miserable experience for me to remember all my life. My family told me to quit. However, I tried to survive somehow for two months there. But then when I could take no more, I decided to quit no matter what!

Throughout this time, I think was the most difficult time of my life. I had this belief that Mata Rani had given me this experience for my benefit only. I was sure that god carried me through this, cause he had something great and good in store for me. I quit from that organisation and kept on applying for other openings.

Then, I got a job which paid me less then my first job and the organisation was also small, but I felt that anything could be better then my first job. But just before, my date of joining, they called me and told me, that they have changed there plans and would not be able to recruit me. Taking that also a blessing for me, I still believed that god wishes to give me something more.

In about 2/3 weeks time, I got a job in a very good company and a profile I could not even dream of. I found,  that everybody in this organisation was a good human being, people are very supportive and they are so good that sometimes, I feel that the worst people were there in my first job and the best people in the second.

I thank Mata Rani with all my heart and pray, SHE keeps on blessing me and my family with HER support and Love and forgives us for all our mistakes.

Thank you Mata Rani
Have faith in HER and SHE will be there for you
Jaikara Sheranwali Mata Da ...Bol Sachche Darbar Ki Jai
Jai Mata Di

From: Jatinder singh
Date: August 21, 2004

Jai Mata Di is the words comes from my mouth everyday in the morning and through out the day. SHE is the back bone behind me. Everyday I use to read Maa Durga Kavach and later on I do Mata Raniji Ki Aarti. When I do this, I don't know, power automatically comes in me. I love my Mata Rani from the core of my heart. Now I am going to narrate the incidence which actually happened with me.

My neighbors were having Jagarata in their House and I decided to work in it throughout the day and night. Next day, I was having two exams for my MBA course. I did not care about the exams and kept on listening Mata Rani Ke Bhajans throughout the night.

The early next day, when I went to college to appear for the exams, I saw that both the exams were postponed. I prayed to Mata Rani, that SHE is, and SHE is always with me during the time of Joy and Sorrow. Mata Rani is the force in me and whatever I do today or I am, is all because of Mata Rani.

After completing my MBA I did not get a job for full one year. I was really depressed and low on confidence. But Today I am in Ukraine, working in a company.

Mata Rani Ke Darbar Mein ..... Maa Ki Pindi Roop Ke Aage ..... Apne Sare Dukhdey Khol Lo. Mata Rani Khali Nahin Lotati.

What I am today, is because of only Mata Rani. I am living today because of Mata Rani. SHE will always remain in my heart as long as I live on this earth. SHE is my source of Power, SHE fulfills all my ambition and SHE is the one who guided me in my difficulties.

Mata Rani Ki Jyot Sachche Man Se Jagalo ..... Apne Aap Sari Mushkilon Ka Hul Mil Jayega ..... I have so many things to write, but It would be too long. I would like to end my discussion that nothing is there in the society without Mata Rani Ka faith. Keep on Taking Mata Rani Ka Naam from your mouth all problem will automatically solve.

Ek Baar Sachche Mann se Bolo ..... Jai Mata Di, Bol Sachche Darbar Ki Jai.
Teri Aastha Ko Voh Aajmayegi ..... Tuje Manjil Pe Vohi Pahunchayegi ... Bharoosa Rakh Mata Rani Pe

From: Laliya
Date: April 1, 2004

I had a strange dream on Asthmi 29.03.2004. Before I opened my eyes in the morning, I saw that I was traveling through a mountainous Kaccha road and the track looked familiar as I told myself in the dreams that I was going to Vaishnodevi (I have been to Vaishnodevi when I was in class 6th). The next thing I saw was the Vaishnodevi temple and I saw the Three Pindis (Murti) of the Goddess. Thereafter, immediately my eyes opened up and I felt very happy.

I am passing through a very tough time. My husband is not well and without a job. I am earning and for me to go to Vaishnodevi looks impossible as of now, but SHE is constantly in my mind. To visit HER Darbar will be a dream come true. I know Mata is calling me, but still I have miles to go. I went through this site and felt very emotional. I know that SHE will call me soon.

Bolo Sheranwali Mata Ki Jai

From: Sunil
Date: March 27, 2004

Jaikara Matarani Ka, Bolo Sache Darbar Ke Jai !
Hey Maa Sheranwali Teri Sada hi Jai !

I have posted a message up before. I am a bhakt of Matarani. I am from UK and 19 yrs old. Every Navratre, I perform Puja. Last year, shortly before I was about to go to India, I asked Matarani for a Bulava for HER Darshan to Mandir. On the morning of my flight, I again prayed to Meri Maiya for Bulava for HER Darshan. Maiya To Sabki Jholi Bhar Deti Hai. Matarani made me so fortunate and blessed me with the Darshan of Maa Mansadevi and Maa Nainadevi.

Maa Teri Shakti Apar Hai. Ras Barse Tere Bhawan Mein, Maa Ras Barse. Matarani, Please bless me with another Bulawa ... Mein Aaonga Tere Darshan Paane Ke Liye

Jaikara Sachiya Jyotanwali Mataji Ka ...Bolo Sache Darbar Ki Jai

From: Bhojwani Prakash
Date: March 15, 2004

Jai Mata Di
By the Grace of Meri Maiya Sheranwali we are here. By Kripa of Maiya I had first Darshan of Meri Maiya Vaishnodevi in the year 1997. After having Darshan of Maiya, I felt very happy and I have got every thing I wanted in business. The second time I went in 1999 with my wife and child. We are very blessed by Meri Maiya Sheranwali. Maiya Sheranwali is controlling the whole world.

Sabki Jholiyan Bharti Hai, Sabke Dukhde Harti Hai. Ek Baar Maa Ko Man Se Yaad Karke To Dekho.

"Jai Mata Ki"

From: Komal Patel
Date: February 12, 2004

I would like to share with you, My Experiences with Meri Maiya
My office PC now has MP3 Media Sound System. I love this website very much. Earlier, I was only able to read Bhajans, Mantra, Shloks etc... but was never able to Listen. I used to pray with My whole Heart to Meri Maiya ... I told Meri Maiya "Oh Maa, I would like you to help me, that I can listen to all your Bhajans, Mantra from this website ... Please Maa make this magic happen ... Thru enough Mataji made this possible for me ... Now I can listen to all the Bhajans, Mantras in my office while doing my work ... In my company, only for our department the Management decided to up-grade our software to XP ... I Love you very much Maa

From: Maa Ki Mamta Se Pala Hua - Abhinav
Date: December 13, 2003

Jai Maa Vaishnodevi - Jai Sheranwali Mata - Teri Sada Hi Jai Ho
Bol Saache Darbar Ki Jai
As I start writing this, I am not really sure from where can I start, as my whole life has been a blessing of Maa Vaishnodevi, and the Love SHE has given me as a Mother. To be very frank I don't know if there is something called God - but for the past 26 years of life wherever I have treaded, fallen weak in my knees, have lost myself in the realms of hardships posed by life - SHE My Mother Vaishno Maa has come and Saved me, Nurtured me and given me the Love and Care which only a Mother can give. Whenever in my life I have been down and when nothing has come to my rescue, when I know this is the end suddenly SHE comes from some where, shows me a light and then holds my hand and takes me through. I have no words to explain HER magic in this space may be all I can wish and pray is that SHE does it to all of you who believe in HER so that you can experience for yourself. 

So many times I have been a bad person in my life but just like a Mother SHE still has been with me and taken me out of darkness ... I wish HER Greatness could be encompassed in these words that I am writing ...but I know it can not be ...
Its very difficult for me to pin point an incident about HER Motherly Love and Care but SHE has given me everything I have today. I owe my family, my life, my career and the goodwill I have - to Supreme Power of them all – My Mother Vaishnodevi. SHE has saved me from near death, given me the most wonderful family, blessed me with good education and career, made things possible for me which I had never imagined it would be possible and above all SHE has given me a belief that if you are good at Heart and you have a faith in Maa and HER Love for HER Children, then life is nothing but a bed of roses. SHE has given me all what a Mother would bless HER child with. I guess umpteenth times more than that - SHE is the one who stops me from going on wrong paths … the one who will hold my hand to guide me to right directions ... the one who performs miracle that may be God also can not, SHE is the Supreme Power … the Epitome of Love, Care and Mother hood, a Symbol of Sacrifice, Creation and Nurturing
Hey Maa, I wish that you sit in each heart in this mankind and make every life and every emotion as happy as you have made mine with your blessings.
Jai Maa Vaishnodevi - Jai Sheranwali Mata - Teri Sada Hi Jai Ho
Bol Saache Darbar Ki Jai

From: Mita
Date: November 22, 2003

Jai Mata Di

I have seen Shakti of Meri Maiya from my childhood. My brother was cured from polio and my Massiji had children after14years of married life when they had been to VAISHNODEVI DARBAR. Sometimes I attend Maiya Jagaran and Chowki. I have seen some persons in power of MAA, but I wanted to see the reality. In one Chowki, MAA said "I am very happy with you ask me something". I said MAIYA live with me. 

My husband did not believe until, we met a Gurumaa, She said "If you want to know the reality do meditation". Rishi also saw this Gurumaa in DURGA SHRINGAR. I worship Maiya and am feeling the real power of MERI MAIYA. 

There are too many problems but I am living happily. Smiling and seeing MAIYA is doing everything for me. Once, my husband asked me to make meat, which I really do not want to. I prepared and he ate & slept. In the dream, he saw a chhipkali (lizard) in meat, which he ate. The next day, he asked me to never make meat for him again. I thanked Maiya.

One day I was worrying about money I needed. To my surprise, the exact date when I needed, the problem got solved.

I also, myself wonder to happening of this experience. Opening this is also rare experience. One day reading the experience of every bhakt what happened that is unbelievable. No one is making sound but sound happened ...

Dol Baj Gaye, Nagara Baj Gaye
Meri Maiya Kya Aayi, Saj Sare Baj Gaye

(Veena) Mita

From: Sameer Chaudhry
Date: November 3, 2003

Jai Mata Di, to all bhakts of Maa
Maiya is Great and I have Strong faith in Maiya. SHE can do anything in this world and in the past, SHE has given me a chance to visit the Shrine five times but now it is nearly 3 years since my last visit.

I am waiting for HER Bulawa, as I know that Maa wants me to visit, but its one thing or the other which is stopping me. But soon it will happen. Its Maiya's blessings to me that I am able to stand in this world otherwise people have tried their best in bringing me down. The blessings of my Mother (who gave me birth) and Maiya have made me strong in life though I was not. For the past 14 years, I have been a prominent member of a club, which organises a Vishal Bhagwati Jagaran in our colony and its Maiya's blessings that everything is working fine. 

At the end, I would request everybody who sees this site to visit at least once (if not visited) and only then you will know the Mamta of Great Maiya. 

Darbar Tera Darbaron Mein, Ek Khaas Ehmiyat Rakhta Hai
Ushko Vaissaa Mil Jata Hai, Jo Jaisee Niyat Rakhtaa Hai

May Maiya Bless you all

Jai Mata Di

From: Rachna
Date: November 3, 2003

Jai Mata Di

Jaikara Sheranwali Da, Bol Saache Darbar Ki Jai

It was indeed a wonderful experience to read all the beautiful ways in which Matarani is always with HER children.

I also have been fortunate to have Matarani's Darshan twice and I wish and hope that Matarani calls me for HER Darshan again and again and more frequently.

I do not have great instances to share like all of you had, but Matarani's Krupa that SHE bestows love on me everyday to live a respectful life and achieve much more than what I am capable of and much more than what I do made me post this write up here.

Right from my studies till date, Matarani has been very kind to my family & me. No matter how big a problem, SHE has always helped us come out of it and SHE has always been with us.

Bas Itna Hi Kehna Chahungi Ki …
Hey Matarani … Jab Jab Tujhe Pukara, Tune Badh Ke Diya Sahara 
Mujhe Bas Tera Hi Aasra Hai … Meri Mataraniye
Bakhse To Jahe Kismat Na Bakshe To Teri Marzi
Humne To Kardi Hai Dati ... Huzoor Mein Tere Arzi

Jaikara Sheranwali Da, Bol Saache Darbar Ki Jai

From: Rinku Gupta
Date: August 26, 2003

Jai Ho Mata Rani Di 
Maa Aap Ki Kripa Se Mujhe Sab Kuch Mila Hai

Let me share one surprise gift of Maa Vaishnodevi to me with all of you .....
Last year, when I have visited Maa Vaishnodevi Shrine to have Darshan of Mata Vaishnodevi, It was raining heavily from the start of Yatra. Par Hum Sab Jaikara Lagate Huye Mata Rani Ke Darbar Mein Kab Parvesh Kar Gaye Pata Hi Nahi Challa

Maina Wahan Mata Rani Se Ek Pyara Sa Dost (obviously Girl} Manga ..... to share my Heartily feelings with her. Wapis Mohali Aane Ke Baad Thodi Si Thakan Jaroor Mehsoos Hui Lekin Bahut Aacha Laga. And surprisingly within Two or Three months of my wish, I met with a very beautiful girl (beautiful by heart) having her mind just like a mirror. No cheatings No hesitation. No formalities. Always Smiling and with lots of more qualities.

Would you believe I have met her in a deluxe bus Running from Chandigarh to Delhi as she was in Chandigarh on 25th of September last year to attend her cousins birthday party and we have got the adjacent seats by luck.

Today one year is just going to pass, and I believe I have lived up my whole life. She is from the Haryana Jatt family and I am from the Hindu Gupta;s family, and we are very good friends till date. I am greatly thankful to Maa Vaishnodevi to have blessed me with such a sweet gift and at that stage of life, when I feel very much alone.

Hey Maa Meri Pyaari Si Gudia Friend Ko Hamesha Khush Rakhna 
Yeh Hai Meri Maa Vaishnodevi Ki Assim Kirpa
Jai Mata Di

From: Sunil Sahota
Date: August 23, 2003

I had written in this website in the month of May, explaining the miracle that happened to me during the fasts of the Holy Navratras. I just want to add to this, as I had asked for one thing  from Maa, She has blessed me. As I have said earlier, I was about to start my GCSE exams in June and fasted for my luck. Well I just received my results on this Thursday 21 August and Thanks to Maa Durga, I have passed with great results, not failing even one exam of the ten exams. Now I can go on to do A-Levels and open the doors to a good career. I just cant thank Mata in words. I hope She knows how I appreciate it. 

Jai Mata Di

From: Maiya ka beta 
Date: July 31, 2003

Jai Mata Di,
I am Meri Maiya's true bhakt and I had been for Darshan of Meri Maa twice earlier. But I got just a fraction of a second to have the Darshan both times. After my marriage (to a non-hindu girl) I had promised Meri Maiya that I would come with my wife and bow our heads at your Holy Feet. But unfortunately our tickets had to be cancelled for a couple of times. We had to migrate outside India and I had vowed that unless and until I have my Maa's Darshan, I won't fly.

I had to migrate in November and finally in August 2002 my friends booked the tickets and asked us whether we wanted to join. I immediately said Yes. After reaching Darbar, we got to know that our number for Darshan would not be before next day and we had to come down as our return tickets were booked. We were very depressed and were about to leave from there, but suddenly a couple came up to us and said our son is very ill and we won't be able to have Darshan, Please take our tickets. We were 7 of us and that man gave us 7 tickets and the number that was just put up on the indicator was that of those tickets given to us by the man. It was Meri Maiya's blessings on us that we got HER Darshan on time.

After migrating in this new country, we have rented one bedroom apartment. Now, we couldn't afford to buy new furniture so soon without getting job and getting settled down. We came in this new apartment with just a mattress and few utensils and one couch. On the first night in this apartment my wife (who is a non-hindu and knows very little about Maiya) had a dream that we both were going for Maiya's Darshan. And Maa gave Her Darshan in the original cave where there was no artificial light but only Diyas all over the place which made the place so bright. Maiya blessed both of us and we came out smiling and feeling very happy.

Next morning she told me about this dream and I felt good about it that Meri Maiya is with us here too. Suddenly we got a call from a nearby store and the owner told my wife that she saw us moving in the apartmnet the previous day and if we wanted any furniture or household things, there is one family who is returning back to their home country and wanted to sell off everything very cheap. I couldn't believe that my whole apartment got fully furnished and I had to spend only 500 to 600 bucks for it. It is just Meri Maiya's Kripa on us otherwise everything was next to impossible.

From: Sunil Sahota 
Date: May 22, 2003

"Prem Se Bolo ... Jai Mata Di"

I am 15 years of age and I am going through one of the most important stages of school! In United Kingdom students aged 15-16 have to do exams called GCSE's which will decide my future. However two months before my exams, I was really worried, and as normal kept all the fasts of the Navratras in April.

I prayed to Mata to give me Gyan to pass these Exams. On the First Night of the Holy Navratras, I had listened to the first 2 Chapters of the Durga Saptsati. Soon after I checked the Joyt (which I keep alight 24 hrs during the Navratras period) and went to sleep (I sleep on the floor during Navratras).

During the Night I awoke to check the Joyt and I could see from where I was sleeping that the Ghee was running out. It was 5 0'clock and I thought there was enough Ghee to last till 6 0'clock (time I would normally wakeup), as I had to get the Ghee from the kitchen and I was on the 3rd floor (I was a bit lazy). 

My alarm went off and it was 6 0'clock. I looked at the Joyt and noticed that it was full with Ghee up to the top. I took no notice, thinking my Mum would have added some. I came back from school and asked my Mum, if She had added the Ghee in the morning. She said "No". My Mum wouldn't come in the Mandir in the middle of the Night (which is in a separate room on the 3rd floor, and I was the only one sleeping their) so I then checked the Ghee box and it was full as if no-one took any from it. I then noticed through out the whole of the Navratras, I only had to add about 3 teaspoon of Ghee. I really believe that Mataji has blessed me!

From: Anil Kakria
Date: May 6, 2003

I would like to share this Experience of Jai Maa !

It was August 1993. I had gone from Delhi to Katra by car. My Parents, wife and my elder son were with me. We reached Katra around 7.00 p.m. After checking into a Hotel, we had our baths and dinner. My wife, son and myself got ready to go to Jai Maa's Mandir. We took our Yatra ticket from Katra office. Since my son was very small and we were expecting rain, I decided to take a pony all the way. At the scooter stand, I put my son on the pony. Before my wife could sit on the pony, my son vomited. We were shocked, but then I thought that it must have been due to the dust on our journey from Delhi. As my wife sat on the Pony, my son vomited again.

The Pithu was also shocked and he told us that in his entire life he had not seen someone being stopped from seeing Jai Maa and asked us what was happening. We did not have any answer. It made my wife more determined to go to Jai Maa's Mandir. I told the Pithu to go extremely slow as my son had already vomited twice. The Pithu would have gone only 10 meters when my son started shivering and his body was hot. At Ban Ganga Mandir, there was a dispensary from where I got some fever medicine. My son's condition became from bad to worse. I literally had to shout at my wife to go back as she would not listen. She reluctantly agreed. I prayed to Jai Maa to make sure that as long as they don't reach their hotel it should not rain. It so happened that whenever they were in the shed it used to rain. They would wait for the rain to finish and then continue. When they reached the hotel it poured continuously for a couple of hours.

In the meantime I continued my journey to Jai Maa's Mandir. At the top I found a chemist shop from where I took anti vomiting and fever medicine and was extremely worried and prayed to Jai Maa to take care of my son. After my Holy Darshan I rushed back. It must have been around 7.00 a.m. My wife and son were fast asleep. When I asked my parents how he was, they told me that from the time he returned, he has been sleeping and there was absolutely no fever  and vomiting. We continued our journey to other Jai Maa's Pavitra places and finally reached Delhi after one week. 

When we reached Delhi my wife realised that she was pregnant. Who else but Jai Maa knew her condition and she saved my younger son and blessed him too. I call this a miracle of miracles.

That's why I call HER Meri Achi Maa, Meri Sunder Maa, Meri Bholi Maa, Meri Sheranwali Maa 

Bolo Sache Darbar Di Jai ! Jaikara Sheranwali Da ! Jaikara Menhranwali Da !
Maiya ka Moorkh beta

From: Sumeet Gupta
Date: April 27, 2003

Jai Maiya
Mata's Divine Powers can be felt at HER Bhavan, and en-route. I feel really blessed to be one of those who have experienced the prowess. During the "Chadhaai" to Maiya's Darbar, I was accompanied by my Dad and Jiju. We covered the first 11 Kms together, but I was really tired and walking with the help of stick. Then, while my companions were resting, I thought I will go ahead slowly. And that was it! I cannot imagine how easily and without a single stoppage / rest I covered the rest 4 Kms all alone, without feeling any tiredness! I really believe this to be Mataji's Chamatkaar.

So, Prem Se Bolo - Jai Mata Di

From: Vidya
Date: April 20, 2003

Maiya came in my dream early in the morning on the first day of the Chaitra Navratra i.e 2nd April 2003. I and my family feel so blessed. I told my husband about it and we are truly blessed. I have Maiya on my desk top of my PC and see HER and talk to HER everyday. SHE is my everything. SHE is my faith.

From: Anil Kakria
Date: April 9, 2003

We, i.e myself and my wife with our 2 children have been going to the local Mandir everyday during Navratras and a miracle happens daily. I normally fast during Navratras and avoid salt on Tuesdays. On Tuesday I was talking to Sheranwali and telling HER that I don't eat salt on Tuesdays but would accept anything offered this time. Normally, we get Channas and Bread along with Nariyal everyday. To My delight when we went in the evening on this Tuesday, nothing was served accept Nariyal. Meri Maiya knew my dilemma and we received only Nariyal that day. On Monday my elder son was distributing dry-fruits when a small girl came and stood in front of him with her mouth open. She smiled and left -- Jai Mata Di. My younger one is blessed by Jai Maa.

From: Bimal Kishore Mehrotra
Date: December 3, 2002

I have been to Mata Vaishnodevi Shrine many times (including in Nov.,2002) and would always cherish to be there as many times as possible.  It was indeed my most satisfying experience to have Darshan on my birthday i.e. 18th November recently and obtain Maa Durga's blessings which is a rare coincidence.  I have a strong desire to take all my family members and parents to Maa Vaishnodevi Shrine for Darshan at the earliest.  Maa Darshan Ke Liye Apne bhakt Ko Bulati Rehna .....

Jai Mata Di

From: Ganesh Prasad
Date: November 13, 2002

Maiya Darshan in my dream

From: Darshna Patel
Date: October 21, 2002

Jai Mata Di

Jor se Bolo, Jai Mata Di
Sare Bolo, Jai Mata Di
Milkar Bolo, Jai Mata Di

Jai Kara Sheranwali Da ..... Bol Sache Darbar Ki Jai 
Ma Ka Sacha Bhakt .....

Mata JinkoYaad Kare Woh Log Nirale Hote Hai ..... 
Mata Jinka Naam Pukare Woh Kismat Wale Hote Hai .....

Maa Vaishnodevi ..... its a miracle word ..... 
you tend to forget all your worries and tensions when you say Her Name .....

I went to Vaishnodevi in the year 1998 for the 2nd time ..... something really unbelievable happened with me. As me and my family was walking up, almost half way up, there were many people at that time as it was almost evening around 6pm.  Beside us, there were 20-30 horses walking with the GAS bottles on them ..... the long cylinders. Unfortunately one of the cylinders opened up and all the horses ran backwards towards downhill, hitting people on their way. Me and my younger brother were walking together and we saw them running towards us just few inches away from us. My father pulled my brother away ..... he was saved by Matas Kripa, but those bottles on the horses hit me badly on my waist which broke my backbone on the side. But then to, I didn't lose hope and faith. I said no matter what happens to me, I will walk up to the Bhawan bare foot. At first, I didn't have enough strength, as I had got hurt badly. I couldn't even get up but then I said JAI MATA DI ..... and suddenly I got all the energy and strength in my legs ..... MATA really helped me a lot. And after that I went bare foot to take Matas Darshan and also to Bhairavnath. Thanks to Mata, She gave me the strength and energy to walk back down also.

I really hope Mata blesses each and every human being in this world ..... every plant and every animal .....

God bless you all .....

Mata please call me again at your Bhawan ..... I really want to come there and be with you

Mata Ka Sachha Bhakt .....

I LOVE YOU MATA and I always will, by my true heart, soul and spirit .....

From: Anup Chaudhary
Date: October 15, 2002

Jor Se Bolo "Jai Mata DI" 
Harki Podi "Jai Mata Di" 
"Bolo Sachiya Jyotanwali Mata Teri Sada Hi Jai"

Hi, I am Anup Chaudhary
I am devoted to Mata Rani from childhood
I have some experience in childhood.
When I had gone to have Darshan of Mata Vaishno Devi, I fell from one Pahari, 
and Mata Vaishno Devi Ne Mujje Bachaya.
So I am Very Much Devoted to Vaishno Mata

"Bolo Sachiya Jyotanwali Mata Teri Sada Hi Jai"

"Jai Mata Di"

From: Joanna S
Date: October 7, 2002

Absolutely spell bound. I feel as if Amma Herself came to visit me at home. I live far away from India. This is truly a treat. I am very moved. Regards, and lots of love and light

Joanna S

From: Maa Ka Lal - Sachin
Date: October 5, 2002

Shri Ganpatiya Namaha
Jai Mata Di
Hey Mai Meri Sachhia Jyotanwali Mata Teri Sada Hi Jai
I am going to Tell you a True Story
A Story Which is Based on Me
Here How It Starts:

When I was going to born, my mother prayed to Maa Vaishno Devi that (when I will receive a son) I will come to your Temple and will gift you a gold Chattar. After seven month's of my berth, she along with my grand parents and relatives went to Maa Vaishno Deviji and gave Her the promised gift. [(I still know how we entered the cave) (how a seven month old child can know what happen at that time. This is because of Her blessings on me)] (sometimes even now, I have seen in my dreams that I am entering the cave filled with water, though I have seen it in my child hood)

Here how I came in contact with My Mother Goddess. I used to see movies when I was 3 years old. I heard a Bhent (Mata Jinko Yaad Kare Wo Log Niraley Hotaein Hai, Mata Jinka Nam Pukare Wo Kismat Wale Hotaein Hai, Chalo Bulava Aaya Hai Mata Ney Bulaya Hai). I felt a current in my body and asked my grand mother that where was this Temple. She told me the above story and I was very happy that I had Darshan of My Mother when I was seven months old.

Later when I used to sleep, I had dreams that I was climbing mountains and having Darshan of Mata Vaishnodevi. During the coming Navratri when I had Darshan of My Mother, a bus was organized by our colony to visit various temple in Delhi. I also went for Darshan in that bus (I didn't know any Jaikara of Maa at that time). When they all in chorus said "Jaikara Sheranwali Da", they all said "Bol Sachhe Darbar Ki Jai", again after hearing that Jaikara I had felt the wave of current in my body.

I asked the head of the bus that what are Jaikara's and he explained me that "Jaikara is a measure to express our happiness and respect to the Mother Goddess". I felt very happy and visited Malai Mandir, Chattarpur Mandir, and the Mandir nearby Delhi.

After this visit I had a josh to worship My Maa. I didn't even know how to worship. I use to buy all latest cassettes of Bhajans sung by Narender Chanchal. (Even till now I only hear more of Bhajans of Maa then that of hearing any film songs)  

In school I was an average student I even didn't know how I use to get marks in class, as I was always busy in hearing Bhajans and use to have Maa Ki Chunari during studies on my back as Her blessings. But as I believe only in Her, She use to help me in some or the other way as I used to have the question in exam which I knew very well (which was another proof that She hears me when ever I am in trouble)

How I visited the Shrine again? I always use to think that when I will receive a call from My Mother and I will go to Darbar. But as I was very small and my mother was strict I only had in my mind and dreams that I will go to Darbar one day. I use to send some or the other gift whenever anyone left for Darshan to Vaishnodevi. I was a non-veg person (use to love it). One-day I had a dream when I was 19 years old that I am climbing the mountain. At that time I  prepared my self mentally to face my mother and tell her that I will go to Darbar to have Darshan. Every Puranmasi day, I use to visit Chattarpur temple. One Puranmasi I went there and I prayed to Mother that please call me for Her Darshan at Darbar. I promised god that I will not take any non-veg for forty days. During those forty days I some how managed to tell my mother that I am going to Vaishnodevi and an amazing thing happened she didn't say anything.

How I booked the ticket (year 1999 September)? It was 35th day I managed to be pure vegetarian I called the ticket walla to book a ticket and he didn't find any ticket. Each and every day I used to call and ask for the ticket till 40th day and then I lost all hopes to visit the Shrine. I again prayed to Mother Goddess and while I was praying to Her I literally started crying that (Hey Maa Mai Tere Darshan Kabhi Nahi Karoonga, Kya Tu Mujhey Kabhi Nahi Bulayegi, and was crying). What happened next was I called my employee at my office and told him to go to the ticket house and ask for ticket for me and my cousin, and he came back with the ticket. It was 41st day that I ate all vegetarian food. I felt so happy that (Maa Ki Chitti Mujh Papi Ko Aa Gayi) (from that day till now I am vegetarian) on that day I was on top of the world. I was so happy that I even can't explain. I bought new kurta pajama to go to Shrine. I just made promise that I will never eat any non veg from now and will remain vegetarian as I received a call from My Mother (Maa Ki Chhitti). While I was coming back home with the ticket in my hand there was a Bhent (Jado Tera Bulava Aaye, Aamiyia Dil Dey Tar Hilay, Sanu Bada Changa Lagda) I again had a current in my body.

How I reached Bhawan? As my father promised me that he will drop me to old Delhi railway station, but at last movement he had some work and he went to do that. But I was in great tension that how will I reach station (as an auto from my home to old Delhi station would take around 45 min and I hardly had time to reach, as it was late night and no auto was near our home). I said JAI MATA DI in my mind, and stepped out from my home and found one auto walla (as I never saw any auto on our road at that time) I asked him (sardarji old Delhi railway station chalo gay, and he said yes). While on my way to the station one thought came to my mind that (ho na ho yeh auto Maa ney hi bheja hai). Again while on auto we got traffic jam and the auto walla said ki it will take around 30 min to get clear. I asked him is there any other way to reach there, he said you can go walking but it will take around 20 min to reach and train will leave in 10 min again. I came in tension and prayed god (Maa Bulaya Hai To Ish Jam Sey Jaldi Nikalo) and the auto walla said ki there is another way to reach station but I will charge you 60 + 30 = 90 Ninety Rupees to reach station. I said ok, I will pay and he managed to drop us at station on time 3 min earlier before the trains departure. I paid him Rs 100 instead of 90 as he gave me Rs 10 back and said Jai Mata Di, Darbar Mey Chadha Dena. As when I looked back, there was no auto and no sardarji. I was again happy thinking (Ki Jo Darbar May Jata Hai Sachey Dil Say Koi Bi Shakti Usay Nahi Rok Sakti) no one can stop going to Darbar once you receive a call from Her.

What happened at Bhawan? I took the list of do's and don'ts from (the site of Mataji I knew at that time) I reached Jammu station and saw the photo of THE THREE PINDIES and bowed my head, then I booked my return ticket at the station. I entered in a taxi and reached KATRA. I was so happy that I reached Katra, my dream place WHERE MY MATA VAISHNO DEVI LIVES. Taxi took me to Durga Palace hotel. I stayed there and I was curious to have Darshan, so I took bath and started my Chadhai towards Bhawan. As I was not aware where to go, so hotel arranged a taxi free of cost and dropped me at Banganga. From there I started my Chadhai barefoot and in 3 hours and fifteen minutes I reached Bhawan. I felt that I have entered SWARG. I had Darshan but the Pujaris didn't allow us to stand and we just passed. I even didn't have Darshan properly. Then I came out from Bhawan with all tears in my eyes (In my mind I said to My Mother in future please call me if you are ready to give me proper Darshan) (I don't need Darshan for a fraction of a second). Then I went to Bharav Darshan and by morning I came down to Katra. I purchased a photo of Vaishnodeviji for Rs 700.00 I was thinking, I have no money left now and I even have to pay to the bill of hotel. (but I thought I will buy the photo in any case)

Later next day when I was leaving Katra to Delhi, I was penny less (no money after paying bill of hotel) I once again said in mind (Maa Tune Mujhey Bulaya, Tu Hi Mujhey Gar Tak Pahuncha). Again new thing happened I started checking my clothes for money and I found RS 480.00, which was more than sufficient for me to reach Delhi. (I once again thanked Her for what ever She had done for me).

Yatra 2000 how it happen? After having Darshan in September I was mad to go to Vaishnodeviji once again. I know how many times I booked tickets to reach again at Bhawan but all were cancelled. (I thought I have not received a call from Her) but the story was something else. Which I came to know later that, Maa Vaishnodevi was preparing my trip on Her own (as I had Darshan for a fraction of a second in year 1999)

In May I was sitting and thinking of Maa, that phone rang at my office, which was of my cousin sister. She told me that (we are going to Vaishnodeviji and will I join them, I said, yes I will go). As my mamaji took passes of military and this time I had Darshan according to my satisfaction. Even this time I went to Bhawan barefoot as my feet were burning. (I said even in fire or in snow I will go barefoot)

But when I went in 2001 from old cave (my another request fulfilled by My Maa that I entered the old cave) for Darshan. Pujariji said that (Ki Jab Tak Dill Na Bharey Tab Tak Darshan Karo Yahin Baith Kar) I stayed in the cave for 15 min and was sitting next to the HOLY PINDIES. (I had Darshan three times)

Yatra 2002 from old Cave? I took the Jyoti on my hand (as only kapoor was there without any dipak) and I even prayed Aarti of Meri Maiya in my mind as the Jyoti was in my hand. Even this time I had a Darshan for 15 minutes. 

Yatra 2003 What I want from Her is ( Hey Maa Mujhey Ek Bar Aarti Attend Karay Day) (Aur Darshan Aaisay Dena Jo Mujhey Sapnay Mey Diye They). (what dream I had seven months ago is what I am telling you, ek raat may so raha that ki Maa ke Darshan hue. In cave there was Pujariji sitting. I asked him that what is below the Pindies. He said any person who is near Vaishnodeviji is only allowed to see inside and he will know what is inside on his own. But Pujariji allowed me to get the view, what I see is what I am explaining now) (as I looked inside I saw a light which was so bright (I have never seen that light in my life) then that light took the form of a small girl) that girl was the Adya Shakti, Maa Vaishnodeviji.

Again I had another dream on previous Navratri Asthmi (Kanya Pujan day). As I was sleeping I found myself at Kol Kandholi Temple. There was one girl crying and saying Mujhey Uppar Jana Hai for Darshan, I took that girl to Bhawan on my shoulders and while reaching Bhawan there was crowd. She told me Ki Mujhey Aagay Jana Hai (She wanted to go in front of old cave) I took Her in front of old cave and what I saw that the girl was entering the cave straight (not by slipping way). I again saw that the girl disappear in the three Pindies. I asked Pujari that where is that girl, He said that the girl was MATA VAISHNODEVI. She came along with you on your shoulders, you are lucky that on Kanya Pujan day Maa came with you, and He gave me the Prasad.

One month ago She again came to my dream, that She is sitting in my new home where I have placed the photo. (As we have to shift to our new home) She has given me the view of the Mandir of my home. How it should look like. And I my preparing to construct the Mandir in the same way and at same place where She told me to do.

Jai Mata Di
Hey Maa Apni Kirpa Mujh Gareeb Par Hamesha Banay Rakhna
Bol Sachhay Darbar Ki Jai 

From: Lavkesh
Date: October 5, 2002

The incident happened to me in 1990 when both of my eyes suffered from a rare eye disease..  It was almost confirmed that the virus has spread widely and chances are very high of my being blind ... My mother for the whole day, prayed to Maa Vaishno Devi, and by evening I was out of danger. 

After then I decided to go to Darbar to offer silver eyes to HER.  It was during Navratras and my number for Darshan was only after two days.  However, I went near to the Darbar and sat down for few minutes..  I was supposed to join the office by next day.  I prayed to Mata that I'm in problem, if possible, I would like to have your Darshans now ..... 

And what happened was amazing.. A military cop passed by and I took a chance to speak to him and narrated him my genuine problem.  Believe me within 30 minutes I was able to have the Darshans of MAA .....

My next wish from HER is HER Darshans again ..... 

From: Sapna
Date: October 1, 2002

Jai Mata Di ..... Om Namo Jai Mai Bhagwati ..... 
You Know, I Think (And it is Sure) Maa is Always With Me ..... 
Yes, She is Always With Me, And Will Remain .....
Jai Mata Di ..... Jai Mata Di

From: Suraj Nichani
Date: August 20, 2002

Mata Rani is Great. I have received Her blessings. She has given me everything. She gives me Her Divine Darshan, sometimes in HOLY HAVAN in the form of SHER (LION), Gufa and once a beautiful face also appeared. I pray Mata Rani to Bless Me, My Family and Everyone Forever .....

From: Manish
Date: June 2, 2002

This site is as good as a miracle.
Whenever I feel nervous, tensed, I open this precious site.

Hey Maa, Please bless me and my whole family

From: Gautam
Date: May 23, 2002

This was the time when I went to visit Meri Maiya for the first time. My feet’s are very weak, since I have had muscle fracture five times, but She called me and I was able to walk. It was the first time, and my wife and me were totally ignorant. Somehow with Her grace I was able to reach Bhawan, but due to rush in Navratri we did not get any place to sleep. It was getting very cold, and we did not even have much money with us to take more than two blankets. Due to my disease I was having unbearable pain in my leg. I even felt like crying. We both were sitting and looking at the Bhawan bright lights. I prayed to Maiya and said, “I have come to you, you called me, and I came, kindly have mercy so that I have courage to come at your feet every year”. To our utter surprise in the Dharamshala where there was not a space to even keep a foot, space for two was cleared in less than 10 minutes. I thanked Her mercy. From that year onward She calls me every year sometimes two times in a year. I walk with pleasure and my disease since than has lost its intensity, and I am able to walk with full confidence …..
"Bol Meri Mata Sherawali Ki Jai"

From: Komal Patel
Date: January 22, 2002

Jaikara Sherawali Da Bol Sachey Darber Ki Jai ..... Jai Mata Di ......
Prem Se Bolo ..... Jai Mata Di .....

My husband met with a serious motorbike accident in 1992 ... I was a bhakt of Mataji Durga .. I cried and prayed to Her to bring my husband back, who was in coma for 8 days and doctor gave 50 - 50 chance for him to be alive ... I begged Mataji for my husband ... True enough after the 8 days of coma .. my husband was out of danger and out of coma .. I thanked Mataji for that ... the following day I had a dream ... She was on the mountain dancing with big eyes.. calling me up... She came near me and gave a letter .. and invited me to Her Darbar ... I was only 30 years old than .. I did not know of any mountain in which Mataji live ... for I was staying in Singapore ... so in the morning I got up .. I told my mother about the dream .. and about the Chitti ... and about Mataji dancing on the mountain ..
Then I learned from my mother that the goddess was Mataji Vashinodevi ... I was very happy and anxious to meet Her .. I was having bad times than .. with Her grace my mother got three air ticket for me and for her .. so that day was 4th April 1994 .. I dragged my husband who was limping and weak after the accident ... I was very tiring holding my husband and dragging him .. I kept on going and saying JAI MATA DI ...
Then one old lady ... coming down from the mountain .. came towards me and touched my feet ... and said JAI MATA DI VERY LOUDLY & walked away .. I was very surprised, why she touched my feet ... I did not know .. so I asked my brother-in -law Vinod .. She, why did the old lady touch my feet, for I have yet to get Mataji Darshan ... she had already got Mataji Darshan .. I should be touching hers. Till today I do not know why the old lady touch my feet ..  Got Her Darshan on the first day ..

From: bhakt
Date: November 24, 2001

How Maiya's First Bulava Came to Me :

I was in India in the month of March 2001, earlier also I had planning to go but couldn't, now in March 2001, I made a first plan, then first step was ok when ticket were in hand.....but...but... my bulava was not there @ Bhavan of Meri Maiya, so it was cancelled the day before we were supposed to leave.

Now I came back to Dubai in May 2001 where I am working...suddenly due to US attack situation in the world, my company's biz was slacking day by day, hence again I got the leave (force) and I was also ready to go back to India, I was totally upset due to that, but was very happy to come in the day of Meri Maiya Navratras, as earlier also in March 2001 I came to celebrate Navratras.

So finally I landed back to India in Mid Oct 2001 (again after 6 months), I was upset as may not able to go back in Dubai due to current crises over there.  So next day Navratra started from night I was enjoying very much.

When I made planning for Meri Maiya Vaishnodevi Yatra, nobody was ready to come, as everyone use to say that "This is Diwali Season so we cannot come with you", lastly my brother said to me "I will come with you"
Next morning I went to temple and told to the Lady (Aunty) who take care of temple and get Maiya's Darshan, at that moment she was ready to come and then finally we were 7 members ready to go for Darshan of Meri Maiya Vaishnodevi.

In the last week of Oct.  ticket were out finally for the first week of Nov. 01.

I was very happy when train left on time and reached at Jammu Tawi on time.

On reaching Katra I got news from Pithu that OLD CAVE is opened and there is no crowd at you can go anytime.


At Ardhkuwari I was unaware of that Garb Joon Gufa (Cave) is here, where Maiya had meditated for 9 months, as Pithu had told me that Old Cave is opened so I was thinking that is the same Cave near the bhavan. So my confidence over Ardhkuwari was very less.  When I entered in Cave I crossed all the thing, finally while coming out I got stuck  (It is being said, Jab tak Maiya Nahin Chati hain, aap "Jai Mata Di" Nahin Bol Sakhte Ho) and nor Jai Mata Di was coming out from my mouth. So suddenly Maiya had given Darshan to Aunty and SHE helped me to come out from the Cave.....when I came to know this thing my eyes were getting watering....continously.


Finally we reached near Darbar and heart was full of joy and all the problem while climbing were gone.
As we entered in the Cave, the water of Ganga was very chilled and saying a word Jai Mata Di didn't effect.

I was standing near the PINDIs of Meri Maiya Vaishnodevi nearly around 2-3 mins as there was less crowd.

So finally I had Darshan of Meri Maiya very closely.

Now I am back to work in Dubai and really missing when I think over it.

I am sure Maiya will call me again.

Jai Mata Di

From: K. Gopalan
Date: August 20, 2001

I stayed for nearly two years in Srinagar. I must have made a hundred trips to Jammu. Maa did not call me to HER Darbar. After 10 years or so we had Darshan of Maa 5 times. Unless SHE calls you cannot go. Maa ke charona mein pranams ..... Gopalan parivar

From: Ashwin M Mistry
Date: July 11, 2001

Mata Rani is talking to me now. SHE told me to come to visit HER 'Darbar' and SHE will give me 'Darshan'.

From: J P Chopra
Date: June 21, 2001

I TRIED MY LEVEL BEST TO COME TO Meri Maiya darshan for so many years. Now she has granted my wish. I am coming to India for darshan in Oct. JAI MATA DI,  MAY HER BLESS ALL.

From: Aditi Shah
Date: June 21, 2001

I had been to Vaishnodevi in 1999.  Since 2 years I have been yearning for the DEVI's Darshan.  And for the past one week, I have been feeling desperate to see the DEVI.  After browsing this site, I felt that DEVI has given me her DARSHAN through this site.  Maybe she will call me when the right time comes.  So what if I could not go there. But I could still browse thru this site and refresh my memories with MAIYA.
Thanks for this site.
Best regards,

From: Bhakt
Date: July 13, 2000 (date I received the mail)

One Day I was coming from Bombay to Thane, When I start journey from VT Station and it was Tuesday, I always try to leave little early from Office on Tuesday due to I have to visit to the temple of Maiya.
When I entered in Train, it was full, so I have to stand but 1st in front of window between the 2 seats.
After sometime 1 person and he says we are playing cards over here and then I become 2, then from 2nd I become 4th, at Byculla Station I become 5th before being 5th I told that person I will not go back, he was talking with me as rough language.  As I have seen that Local around 5:45 pm to Amb or Karjat, then I pray to my Maiya, just when Dadar Station was about to come, one TC came and caught them.

That is the blessing of Maiya.

Jai Mata Di.

From: Anu  Pradhan
Date: June 19, 2000
Jai  Mata  Di,

I have  been   visiting  the   other   site  of   and   yesterday  was  the  first   time  I  had  visited this merimaiya   site  and  the  moment  I   visited  and   logged  out  I  recd a  call   for  my   employement  and  got thru. The   faith  has  really   grown  deeper  in  Mata. Hope   Maiya  calls  me  to her  Darbar  soon.

Jai Mata Di

From: Sudesh Bhardwaj
Date: June 13, 2000

While enjoying your site I clicked on 'Jaikara' and after the Jaikara suddenly the Bhaint 'Aja Maa Aja, Akhian Udeek Diyan' from my own CD 'Maa Ki Shaan Nirali', sung and recorded by me in 1997, started playing with Maa Durga's picture flashing. For once I was shocked and amazed about this miracle when I realised that it is the Jukebox playing where I have all my recordings about 'Maa' stored on Hard Drive. Please send me your address to enable me to send you the CDs.
Thanks and keep up the good work.
Jai Mata Di

From: beta

Date: April 15, 1999
Distance was shortened by at least 2 km as I had been climbing towards Bhavan, and had been too tired to move ahead.

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