!! Agyaanadi Vismritey Bhraantya Yanyoonan Adhikam Kritam !!

!! Tatsarvam Kshamyataam Devi Praseed Parmeshwari !!

Meri Maiya,  please pardon me for whatever excesses or shortcomings  I have  committed  as a result of ignorance, loss of memory or misunderstandings.

!! Meri Maiya Aan Rakhna, Meri Maiya Shan Rakhna !!

!! Meri Maiya Apne Bhakton Ka Sada Dhyan Rakhna !!

This site is not for making profits and / or sell anything. I have tried sincerely to make this site truly and devotionally dedicated to Meri Maiya and make known to this world the SHAKTI of Meri Maiya. If any discrepancies has crept in, it is all because of me, and I sincerely apologize for the same.

If you feel I have not honored any part of my commitment, Please feel free to write to me.

I promise you,  not to disclose your Email id to anyone.





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