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Meri Maiya Loves to be with HER bhakts. Meri Maiya Loves to stay with HER bhakts. Meri Maiya Loves to talk to us. SHE Loves to listen to us, and Loves to Share our joys and sorrows ..... When we cry Meri Maiya takes care of us, and when we laugh Meri Maiya enjoys the smile on our face .....

I am sure everyone have experienced the joy of happiness with Meri Maiya Vaishnodevi

We all have Meri Maiya at Home. We all perform Meri Maiya Puja at Home and we all share our joy and sorrows with Meri Maiya .....

Meri Maiya site is by Meri Maiya for all HER children's. And we are all HER children's. I am sure, we all would like to have Meri Maiya site to be beautiful and sanctum and a sacred place of pilgrimage.

Meri Maiya bhakts have sent us some of the photographs of Meri Maiya in their Homes with great Shradha for Meri Maiya. My sincere thanks to all of you to have sent me the images and really bow to Meri Maiya and HER bhakts with the same Shradha. I REALLY APPRECIATE YOUR GREAT SHRADHA FOR MERI MAIYA VAISHNODEVI. Names of Meri Maiya bhakts is as told by them.

If you would also, like to share Great Meri Maiya Images with all of us ..... Please do write to me or send me onLine, Meri Maiya images you would like, to have included in Meri Maiya site


The glorious Mata Rani who is ever present in our house with all HER LOVE, watching over us all the time


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bhakt: Maa ki dasi




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Meri Maiya ... I love you Meri Maiya. I am very much attached to this Meri Maiya Swaroop from my childhood days. Meri Maiya takes care of me and is always with me ... wherever I am and and Loves me. If you are determined to do something and have devotion of Maa, Meri Maiya does the impossible also.

This Meri Maiya Image is very rare to find, hence I have send this Meri Maiya image for all Meri Maiya bhakts ..... !! Jai Mata Di !!

bhakt: Maiya ki beti





Meri Maiya ka Darbar


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bhakt: Manmohan




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 Ghat Sthapna, Akhand Jyoti and Chanwar Puja in Meri Maiya Navratra


bhakt: Manmohan






Meri Maiya ka Bhog ..... Bhojan in Meri Maiya Navratra

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bhakt: Manmohan





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Image of My "Devi" whom I worship at home .....
Just felt the need to send to you

bhakt: Maniram





Meri Maiya Mandir at my home


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bhakt: Murkh beta


!! Hum Rote-Rote Gaye The, Meri Maiya Ne Hansaa Diya !!
!! Humne Ek Lota Pani Manga Thaa, Meri Maiya Ne Dariya Bhaha Diya !!
!! Humne Do Boond Pyaar Manga Thaa, Meri Maiya Ne Sagar De Diya !!

!! Humne Charno Ki Dhool Mangi Thee, Meri Maiya Ne Gale Se Laga Liya !!

by Murkh beta




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 I have felt HER presence with us always, SHE is always showering HER blessings and answering our prayers


bhakt: Nanha beta





Meri Maiya ka Darbar

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bhakt: Kamlesh




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Meri Maa

bhakt: Deepa





Haar Saal Main Aata Hoon Maiya Tere Dar Pe ....

Ish Baar Chali Aao Maa Aap Mere Ghar Pe .....

Bus Itna Hi Kehta Tha Main ..... Aur Mata Rani Mere Parivaar Mein Shameel Ho Gai .....

Meri Taqdeer Saja Di

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bhakt: beta





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Meri Maiya Darbar at my Home

bhakt: Anish Parmar





My Sweet Mother

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bhakt: Anish Parmar




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"Jai Mata Di"

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