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Experience the Sacred Image of JAI MATA DI (Hindi) as shown below in the abstract pattern in the IMAGE where it emerges as a true three dimensional inner vision seen through the THE THIRD EYE in your mind. 

The technique adapted in producing this effect is based on scientific processes given in our Hindu Shastras for the Trataka method of meditation applied with the help of modern analytical tools and established theories .....

See it ..... to believe it.



1. Sit or Stand in front of the image at a comfortable reading distance (about one ft.)

2. Just keep staring at your reflection in the image for about 30 seconds

3. Your reflection will disappear and the 5-D image will come to you


1. Get closer to the image before your eyes so that it almost touches your nose

2. Relax your eyes and stare straight ahead as if looking through it

3. Move very, very slowly backwards from the image back to comfortable distance

4. Wait, a 5-D image will appear before you

Remember : Look deep, do not look at the design on the surface ..... and you will see "Jai Mata Di" written as shown below in the image

 A whole new visual experience !

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!! Jai Mata Di !!

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