It is very much experienced, that regular recitation or listening to the recitation of Meri Maiya Aarti and Bhajans results in material success, peaceful life, and success in creative endeavors, richness and resourcefulness, overall progression in life and in spiritual energy.

Meri Maiya has given us various means and ways to worship HER. Meri Maiya has given us Aarti, Bhajans, Katha, Mantra and Strotras for Puja and Bhakti. Whatever way we worship HER, just joining our hands and asking HER to forgive us with all our sincerity, is HER True Puja .....

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Meri Maiya onLine Real Darshan

(full Darshan of Meri Maiya in Meri Maiya Pavitra Gufa)


Meri Maiya Maha Mantra

(Listen & Sing Along Maha Mantra of Meri Maiya with Pujariji)


Special Tips for Meri Maiya Yatra

(your memories of Meri Maiya Yatra ..... forever, forever)


written Verses of Meri Maiya Bhajans

(download to Sing, wide collection of Meri Maiya Bhajans)


Sing Along Meri Maiya Aarti

(Listen to Meri Maiya Aarti, and also Sing Along yourself, with the help of written verses)


Meri Maiya Katha onLine

(Listen complete Meri Maiya Katha onLine)


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