The Lunar Hindi Tithi  8th (Ashtmi) of Sukla Paksha (Sudi) as per the Hindu Almanac, of every month is considered to be very Auspicious day for Meri Maiya Puja.

Jyoti Hai Meri Maiya Vaishnodevi, 
Jyoti Hai Meri Maiya Kali,
Jyoti Jale Meri Maiya Ki, Har Raat Hai Diwali

Jisne Jalai Ghar Mein, Yeh Nihal Karti Hai
Bhakton Ke Pure Yeh Sawal Karti Hai
Yeh Jyoti Meri Maiya Ki Kamal Karti Hai

I would also suggest you to light Jyoti of Meri Maiya on all Meri Maiya Ashtmi days with a little cotton and oil kept in a vessel and perform Puja of Meri Maiya ..... Meri Maiya Puja

It is said that, on those days when Meri Maiya Ashtmi is on Thursday, i.e. if you see Meri Maiya Tyohar Calendar, 28th June, 2001 one should keep Fast or Varut for Meri Maiya ..... Meri Maiya Fast or Varut

In the year 2002, it is on 15th August, 2002 Thursday and also on 12th December, 2002 Thursday .....

To know the Dates of your Birthday or Anniversary on Meri Maiya Asthmi days, please select the Date, or Month or Year in the Calendar and find the dates of Meri Maiya Asthmi corresponding to your Birthday or Anniversary in that year.

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Meri Maiya Vaishnodevi Calendar

Meri Maiya Tyohar Calendar contains information of Auspicious Meri Maiya Asthmi days starting from the year 2001 to 2043 and Hindu Samvat Year from 2057 to 2100

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