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You are absolutely FREE in Meri Maiya Darbar to write to and speak to Meri Maiya and Meri Maiya Bhakts around the world. 

Please follow the sections to find answers to your queries or post a query for which you would like to have an answer for, from Meri Maiya Bhakts around the world ..... 

Please Limit your discussion Topic on Meri Maiya only. Everything is FREE in MERI MAIYA DARBAR, with no constraints ..... 

Meri Maiya Board has been developed to bring together Meri Maiya Bhakts all over the world. I therefore, sincerely request you to, Please maintain Sacredness and Sanctity of Meri Maiya site and follow code of conduct ..... Please respect fellow Meri Maiya Bhakts .....

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