I had been fortunate to attend Meri Maiya Jagaran of Meri Maiya bhakt and great singer Romiji from Uttar Pradesh, India. He is a great singer and a man of great principles. His speech and Meri Maiya bhajans keep one spellbound. I could hardly thing of anything else other than listening to this Meri Maiya bhakt. 

It had been great interacting with him, at Meri Maiya Jagaran and I am heartily thankful to him for giving me his valuable time. The Samagri details for Meri Maiya Jagaran had been given to me by Romiji. It would have not been possible to have this details listed without his help. 

He, performs Meri Maiya Jagaran in full vidhi and rituals, and even the minute details of Meri Maiya puja are very well taken care of. 


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Meri Maiya Bhents, by Romi

(He changed my life in 15 minutes, through his speech, and I shall always be indebted to him for this change)








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..... and Romiji strongly believes in it .....





Meri Maiya Jagaran


Please let me know more about our Maiya