Prasad is not a problem in Meri Maiya Darbar. 

You are most welcomed even empty handed.



As someone rightly told me .....

"You are here to ask for something, what can you give to Meri Maiya? "

Who is.....the creator of Shristhi.


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Meri Maiya Meals ..... offered daily at Meri Maiya Bhavan

"it's so simple"




Meri Maiya is not interested in 56 bhog, just what we eat in our daily meals




Love and Love is all Meri Maiya wants from us .....


Mantra for offering
Prasad to Meri Maiya


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Though you can offer any thing by Shradha, it is said to be

Meri Maiya Prasad is Halwa, Puri, and Channa.....

even fruits or dry fruits, 

or your just plain Roti and Daal.

or coconut.

Red Chunri and Chhater is also being offered.

Why do the Coconuts are offered to Meri Maiya ?

According to a myth Dhyanu Bhakt, a faithful devotee of Meri Maiya, started on a pilgrimage to Jwaladevi, from Delhi, along with a part - group consisting of more than one thousand pilgrims. In those days King Akbar was ruling over India. His policemen checked the group in doubts and presented the case, before the king himself. On being asked by the king, Dhyanu told him that the group was leaving for a holy-pilgrimage to Jwalaji, where the flames of celestial fire are always lighted without any fuel and this is but a proof of the omnipotent powers of Meri  Maiya. King Akbar did not believe it. The king beheaded his horse to examine the case and said to Dhyanu - if your Maiya is so much powerful, ask HER to rejoin the neck of your horse. Dhyanu had no alternative but to pray to Meri Maiya, He reached to the temple of Jwaladevi on foot. He  kept awake for the whole night singing hymns and verses in praise of Meri Maiya. He prayed to Meri Maiya by all means and asked HER to show some miracles to rejoin the neck of his horse, lying in Delhi. He waited for sometime but no reply came. He thought as if it was a question of his prestige. He took the sword and beheaded himself before the Celestial  flames offering his head to Meri Maiya. At once, Meri Maiya manifested HERSELF as a divine girl on the scene, with a trident in one of HER hands, wearing golden diamem on HER forehead, along with Balbharaiv and Hanumnaji. As SHE blessed Dhyanu, his head got fixed at the right place and he became alive. SHE  told Dhyanu that his horse also will be alive in Delhi. King Akbar was astonished to see the miracle. He, being proud of himself, tried to extinguish the Celestial Flames, but failed in his attempts. In the end he begged for the pardon from Meri Maiya.

As soon as the cut-head of Dhyanu got fixed at the right place quite magically and he came to his life. Meri Maiya asked him for a boon. Dhyanu, bowed his head before HER and politely he began to say - I bow to thee O' Benign Mother ! thou are the Almighty. Although we, the human beings, are ignorant of how to worship you, even then I pray thee, O' Great Meri Maiya ! Not to examine your devotee so hard: because all the human beings cannot offer their heads in devotion. Therefore, O' benign Mother ! Please fulfill the desires  of the devotees with some ordinary offerings. Meri Maiya granted him the boon and told him that SHE would be pleased with the Narial (Coconut) merely, if it is offered by a pure heart and true devotion, instead of the head, in future. After that SHE disappeared. Accordingly, it has become a tradition to offer narial (coconuts) to Meri Maiya.

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