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I had been very afraid of going for Meri Maiya Darshan for the first time, as I hardly knew anything as to how to go about and have Darshan of Meri Maiya. It was Meri Maiya HERSELF, who has made my Darshan always a memorable one, whenever I have been to HER.

These are some of the points, I would request you to print and carry along with you when you go for Meri Maiya Darshan, so that your Darshan of Meri Maiya would also be a memorable one, and you would also wish to go for Meri Maiya Darshan not once a year but many times a year as I wish to go for HER Darshan endlessly in a year.

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(your memories of Meri Maiya Yatra ..... forever)

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Just put your first step forward and Meri Maiya takes you for HER Darshan



It's rightly said, only those whomsoever Meri Maiya wants to bless are called for HER Darshan.... Without Meri Maiya wish no one can come for HER Darshan, no matter how much a person tries to do so.

I therefore request you to, Please don't wait for some thing to happen to plan for HER Darshan. Meri Maiya is waiting for you... Just decide and go.

Meri Maiya calls are very easy to know, just keep your heart open to accept them.



Tayari (Preparation)

Try to plan your trip in the months from September to April, when the rush is less. Also Please, plan your trip with 2 days extra in mind as it is possible that there may be many Yatris waiting for Meri Maiya Darshan and you may have to wait.

Carry as little weight as possible. Please, don't over burden your self with unnecessary things. You'll enjoy when traveling light. Please take woolen clothes with you in whatever season you are traveling and take care of your shoes.

Take necessary medicines with you, for like, Stomach Ache or Loose Motions, Pain Killer, Cough, Sore Throats, Headache, Fever etc.. and Please take special care if you are taking your little ones along with you. Please don't take any chances, but carry all their medications with you. Hospital and Medicine Shop is available at Meri Maiya Bhavan.

A little preparation in Advance, would surely help you in the long route of Meri Maiya Darshan. Please take care of your Travel Tickets, Passports, Credit Cards, Cameras, and valuables etc.




Please carry very little Prasad with you as Coconut is not allowed inside for offerings in Meri Maiya Darbar.

It's a good idea if you can carry some dry fruits with you for Prasad and that also if you can buy from your own place of stay, as it would be good and fresh. Though Prasad is also available at Meri Maiya Bhavan.

You can also carry Meri Maiya Chunri and Chhatra along with you.



Yatra (Pilgrimage)

Please carry 4 to 5 packets of Bread or 4 to 5 dozens of Banana with you if you are traveling by your own car, or taxi, or by a bus as you would find many monkeys on your way from Jammu to Katra and would feel good if you feed them on your way. At Meri Maiya Mandir Deva Mai, Please carry some packed food packets of Chips and or chocolates to distribute to small children's at Meri Maiya Mandir Deva Mai. You will feel very good.

Total distance from Katra to Meri Maiya Bhavan is 14 kms. Though you can travel 2 kms from Katra bus stand to Banganga by Auto rickshaw or free bus service conducted by Shrine Board, so you don't have to walk these 2 kms.

Yatra Slip - Please collect your Yatra slip from Yatra Slip Counter. If you travel without proper Yatra slip you can be send back from Banganga. Just in case you happen to misplace your Yatra slip after you have crossed Banganga on your way to Bhavan, you can obtain a duplicate Yatra Slip from Meri Maiya Bhavan. Yatra Slip are available from Shrine Board office, just opposite Katra Bus Stand, from 6.00 a.m. to 10 p.m. only. Also, Please Note you have to cross Banganga Check Post within 6 hours of obtaining of your Yatra Slip. When you reach Meri Maiya Bhavan, Please exchange your Yatra slip for group Numbers. Please don't rush, but take your own time on your way to Meri Maiya Bhavan. You don't have to be afraid of being late for Group Numbers, as you will get it when you reach at Bhavan.

If you plan to stay at Meri Maiya Bhavan or at Ardhkawari, or at Sanjichat, you can Book Rooms on prior intimations also. The booking of rooms is only made at Katra on payment of rent fixed by Meri Maiya Vaishno Devi Shrine Board. You can also stay free in Dharamshalas (Dormitory) at Meri Maiya Bhavan. Try to get into a Dormitory if you plan to stay at Meri Maiya Bhavan, its good and would avoid overcrowding on the route. If rooms are not available at Meri Maiya Bhavan, you can even get a room for short stay i.e. for 2 to 3 hours, check them at Meri Maiya Bhavan. Please don't encourage beggars.

A personal request to you to please hold your little one hands firmly so that you don't misplace them. When you start your climb, I would suggest you to please eat high calorie food and carry some chocolates on the way. Its good to eat as little as possible to make your self feel light and you wont have trouble climbing. Please carry with you more and more lemon juice as Vitamin C and sugar, to help reduce your fatigue. Please drink plenty of Liquids to avoid tiredness. 

When the season is cold, you should take a light weight raincoat and enough woolen clothes along with you. It is necessary as the weather at Meri Maiya Bhavan is very chilling during season of December - February every year, and one may come across snow fall on their way. Please cover your feet by a heavy polyethylene bag and then a nylon sock and then wear shoes. Also take a painkiller tablet, even when you do not have pain after crossing half the way.

While climbing up or coming down during Yatra do not tire yourself by going through stairs opt for the main path, which is safe and well illuminated at night.

Its not that only when you have Darshan of Meri Maiya that your wishes are granted. Please have Shradha on route and remember HER name while climbing. Meri Maiya is there all along with you and I am sure your wishes would be granted on the way towards HER.  Its my experience that when you say "Jai Mata Di" on your way, to yourself or to your fellow Yatris, your climbing becomes very easy and your wishes are granted.

Please don't hand over your belongings to any one. If you are carrying a Pithu, then Please keep their Identity card with you and note down their I.Card No and Name. Please, check rates on notice board displayed at Katra, and avoid being overcharged by Pithus, Ponywallas and Palkiwallas.

Please deposit all your valuables in Cloakrooms available at Meri Maiya Bhavan and also at Ardhkawari. Please do not carry anything like Leather (Watch Strap, Belt), Camera, Combs, Keys, Key Chains etc. in Meri Maiya Mandir of Ardhkawari or in Meri Maiya Bhavan. If found, you may be sent back to deposit the same in Cloakroom after waiting in the Queue.

Just 1km from Meri Maiya Bhavan you can have view of Meri Maiya Bhavan and also view of Bhairav Mandir. This is the only place where you can have view on the New track.

Photography is permitted enroute Meri Maiya Darbar and at Meri Maiya Bhavan. For Movie camera, Please take permission from Shri Mata Vaishnodevi Shrine Board, Katra.

New Route to Meri Maiya Bhavan is linked just before Ardhkawari. So, if you are following New Route you may not be able to have Darshan of Meri Maiya Garb Joon at Ardhkawari. Though, you can come on the New Route after having Meri Maiya Darshan at Ardhkawari. The route from Ardhkawari is linked to the New Route to Meri Maiya Bhavan.




Please concentrate on Meri Maiya Pindis Swarup, as Meri Maiya has revealed HERSELF in the form of Pindis... I know we get very little time for HER Darshan but still small.. is beautiful.

Please have your full concentration for your Meri Maiya Darshan .....

Take Holy Ganga water that flows in the Holy Cave in cans available at Meri Maiya Bhavan or you can buy a mineral water bottle to carry Holy water.

I would suggest you to try to stay at Meri Maiya Bhavan and spend a night there... its the loveliest. In fact, I always love to stay there. If you are there you can also try to have Darshan of Meri Maiya again.

Stand near Gate No:3 or Army Gate and hear the Jaikara of Meri Maiya.

Stand near Gorukhpur Press or stand near Manokamana Bhavan and view Meri Maiya Bhavan, it would give you total relaxation.

If you can manage to get a slip to attend Aarti of Meri Maiya, Please do so. Aarti is performed at 6.30 a.m. to 8.30 a.m. and in the evening from 6.30 p.m. to 8.30 p.m. when the Darshan are also closed. Aarti slips is available at Bhavan.

I know its too much rush at Ardhkwari but one should see the Gurb Joon, and have Meri Maiya Darshan.

At Charanpaduka ask Pujariji to show you the actual footsteps of Meri Maiya just underneath the silver steps being kept over them.

First Darshan of Meri Maiya is at Korkandoli which is just 13 kms from Jammu on your way to Katra in Nagarota Village. Please visit.

According to the Katha, it's been said that without Bhairav Darshan, Meri Maiya Yatra is not complete.

Pray at first steps you see to your left at Darshini Darwaza, as it is said Meri Maiya has taken that route to climb when being chased by Bhairavnath. (these are just 200 meters from where you start climbing)


!! Jai Mata Di !!

For More detailed information on Special Tips for Meri Maiya Yatra, Please, download Special Tips in Acrobat PDF form

Special Tips for Meri Maiya Yatra in PDF

Preview Special Tips for Meri Maiya Yatra Download Special Tips for Meri Maiya Yatra Please Click Here for More Information

(your memories of Meri Maiya Yatra ..... forever)

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