" Jai - Jai Durge Jayati, Jai Durgeshwari Devi

Jayati Jayati Durgam Dalani, Durati Harni Sur Sevi
Jayati Mahadurga Jayati, Adishakti Jagdamba
Bhuvan Chaturdash Lok-Triya, Maan Tera Avalamba"

"OH Meri Maiya Durga!. I raise victory slogans in your honor!. Only you - Meri Maiya is capable of solving the most distressing problem of your bhakts. It is for this reason that even the Gods ever remain in your service. Oh Meri Maiya Mahadurga Devi! You are the primal power, the mother of all and the only support for bhakts in the entire universe. 

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Meri Maiya Durga is worshipped in different forms. SHE is a form of "Shakti". The evolution of Shri Maha Saraswati, Shri Maha Laxmi and Shri Mahakali (the 3 main forms of "Shakti") Each of these 3 deities gave rise to 3 more forms and hence in all, there are Nine forms known as Nav-Durga worshipped individually on different nights of Meri Maiya Navratras .....

!! Jai Kalyanmayi Navdurge, Jai Ho Shaktidayani Maa !!
!! Jayati Jayati Chandi Navdurge, Jai Girija Maharani Maa!!

1. Meri Maiya Shailputri ..... Meri Maiya Navratri commences with the 1st night devoted to the puja of Meri Maiya Shailputri. Shail means mountains; Parvati, the daughter of king of Mountains Himavan, is known as "Shailputri". HER 2 hands, display a trident and a lotus. SHE is mounted upon a bull. 

!! Pehli Meri Maiya Shailputri, Kiye Bail Asawari !!
!! Ardh Chandra Mathe Per Sohe, Sunder Roop Manohari !!





Meri Maiya Shailputri




Meri Maiya Shailputri is daughter of Himalaya and first among Nine Durgas. In previous birth SHE was the daughter of Daksha. HER name was Sati - Bhavani. i.e. the wife of Lord Shiva. Once Daksha had organised a big Yagna and did not invite Shiva. But Sati being obstinate, reached there. Thereupon Daksha insulted Shiva. Sati could not tolerate the insult of HER husband and burnt Herself in the fire of Yagna. In other birth SHE became the daughter of Himalaya in the name of Parvati - Hemvati and got married with Shiva. As per Upanishad SHE had broken the egotism of Indra and all the Devtas. Being ashamed they bowed and prayed that, "In fact, thou are Shakti, we all - Brahma, Vishnu and Shiv get Shakti from you."

2. Meri Maiya Bhramcharni ..... personifies love and loyalty. Meri Maiya Bhramcharni is store-house of knowledge and wisdom and is the second Durga Shakti.

!! Liye Kamandal, Phool Kamal Ke Aur Rudrakshon Ki Mala !!
!! Huyi Doosri Meri Maiya Bhramcharni, Kare Jagat Mein Ujiyala !!




Meri Maiya Bhramcharni





Brahma, that is who observes penance (tapa) and good conduct. Here "Brahma" means "Tapa".  According to Shastras, in HER previous birth Meri Maiya Bhramcharni was Parvati - Hemvati the daughter of Himavan or Himalaya. Once when SHE was busy playing games with HER friends, saint Naradaji came to HER and predicted seeing HER Palm-lines that, "You will get married with a naked-terrible 'Bhole baba' who was with you in the form of Sati, the daughter of Daksha in previous birth. But now you have to perform penance for him." There upon Parvati told HER mother Menaka that SHE would marry none except Shambhu, otherwise SHE would remain unmarried. Saying this Meri Maiya Bhramcharni went to observe penance. Since then, Meri Maiya Bhramcharni came to be known as Tapacharni - Bhramcharni. HER name Uma also became familiar to all of us ..... 

Meri Maiya idol is very gorgeous. SHE is full with merriment. Meri Maiya holds rosary in HER right hand and Kamandal or "Kumbha" or water port in left hand. Rudraksha is HER most adorned ornament.

3. Meri Maiya Chandraghanta ..... is very charming and bright. Worshipped on the 3rd night this Meri Maiya Durga Shakti is astride a tiger, has a half-circular Moon on HER forehead, displays a golden hue to HER skin, possesses ten hands and 3 eyes.

!! Purn Chandrama Si Shobhit Hai Meri Chandraghanta Mata !!
!! Inke Sumiran Nirbal Bhi, Sabal Shatru Par Jai Pata !!




Meri Maiya Chandraghanta





Eight of HER hands display weapons while the remaining two are respectively in the mudras of gestures of boon giving and stopping harm. SHE is seated on Lion and ready for going in war to fight. SHE is unprecedented image of bravery. The frightful sound of HER bell terrifies all the villains, demons and danavas. Chandra + Ghanta, meaning supreme bliss and knowledge, showering peace and serenity, like cool breeze in a moonlit night. Meri Maiya is worshipped in this form in Kanchipuram (Tamil Nadu) India.

4. Meri Maiya Kushmanda ..... The 4th night begins with the worship of Meri Maiya Kushmanda, possessed of eight arms, holding weapons and a mala or rosary in HER right hand. HER mount is a tiger and SHE emanates a solar like aura.

!! Chauthi Meri Maiya Kushmanda, Inki Leela Hai Nyaari !!
!! Amrut Bhara Kalash Hai Kar Mein, Kiye Baag Aswari !!




Meri Maiya Kushmanda





Meri Maiya Kushmanda resides in the Solar system and shines brightly in all the ten directions  like Sun. "Kumbh Bhand" means to see cosmic vivacity in Pindi shape or knowledge of cosmic intricacies in human race. The abode of Meri Maiya Kushmanda is in Bhimaparvat.

5. Meri Maiya Skandmata ..... Using a lion as a vehicle SHE holds HER son, SKAND (Swami Muruga, leader of the army of Gods) in HER lap while displaying 3 eyes and 4 hands; two hands hold lotuses while the other 2 hands respectively display defending and granting gestures.

!! Kar Mein Kamal Sinh Per Aasan, Sabka Subh Karnewali !!
!! Mangalmayee Meri Skandmata Hai, Jag Ka Dukh Harnewali !!




Meri Maiya Skandmata





Its said, by the mercy of Meri Maiya Skandmata, even the idiot becomes an ocean of knowledge. The great and legendary Sanskrit Scholar Kalidas created his two masterpieces works viz. "Raghuvansh Maha Kavya" and "Meghdoot" by the grace of Meri Maiya Skandmata; fifth name of Meri Maiya Durga.

 6. Meri Maiya Kaatyayani ..... As mother, Meri Maiya Kaatyayani stayed in the Ashram of sage Katyayan for penance, hence SHE named as Kaatyayani ..... (there is another legend which says, Sage Katyayan had observed penance with a desire to get Paramba as his daughter.

!! Muni Kaatyayan Ki Kanya, Hai Sabki Meri Kaatyayani Maa !!
!! Danavta Ki Shatru Aur, Manavta Ki Sukhdayani Maa !!




Meri Maiya Kaatyayani





Meri Maiya fulfilled Sage Katyayan wishes and took birth as his daughter, hence Meri Maiya was named as Kaatyayani). This 6th Shakti is also astride a lion with 3 eyes and 4 arms. One left hand holds a weapon and the other a lotus.  The other 2 hands respectively display defending and granting gestures. HER complexion is golden coloured. 

7. Meri Maiya Kaalratri ..... is black skin with unlocked hairs and 4 hands, 2 clutching a cleaver and a torch, while the remaining 2 are in the mudras of "giving" and "protecting".

!! Saptam Meri Maiya Kaalratri Hai, Maha Pralaye Dhanewali !!
!! Pranimatra Ka Rakshan Karti, Mahakaal Ko Khane wali !!




Meri Maiya Kaalratri





Meri Maiya has three beautiful bright eyes and worn necklace shining like lightening around HER neck.  Meri Maiya vahana is a faithful donkey. The destroyer of darkness and ignorance, Meri Maiya Kaalratri is the seventh form of Nav-Durga meaning scourer of darkness; enemy of darkness. Meri Maiya Kaalratri's famous shrine is in Calcutta, India

8. Meri Maiya Mahagauri ..... is eight years old and has four arms with the fairest complexion of all the Durga Shaktis. Meri Maiya Mahagauri has three eyes and is as white as a conch, moon and Jasmine.

!! Swet Baill Hai Wahan Jinka, Tan Per Swetambar Mala !!
!! Yahi Meri Maiya Mahagauri Hai, Sabki Jagdamba Mata !!




Meri Maiya Mahagauri





It is said that when the body of Meri Maiya Mahagauri got soiled due to dust and earth while observing penance, Shiva makes it clean with the waters of Gangas. HER body became bright like  lightening. Hence, Meri Maiya is known as "Maha Gauri" Peace and compassion radiate from HER being and SHE is often dressed in a white or green sari. SHE holds a drum and a trident and is often depicted riding a bull. You can meet Meri Maiya Mahagauri in a temple at Kankhal near pilgrim centre Haridwar, India

 9. Meri Maiya Siddhiratri ..... worshiped on the Ninth night Meri Maiya Siddhiratri is ensconced upon a lotus, and has 4 arms. Meri Maiya Siddhiratri is possessor of 26 different wishes to grant HER bhakts. 

!! Navam Meri Maiya Siddhiratri, De Sidhiyan Apaar !!
!! Karke Puja Inki, Bhakt Hoye Bhav Se Paar  !!




Meri Maiya Siddhiratri





There are eight Siddhis, they are- Anima, Mahima, Garima, Laghima, Prapti, Prakamya, Lishitva & Vashitva. Meri Maiya gives all these Siddhies. It is said in "Devipuran" that Lord Shiva got all these Siddhies by worshipping Meri Maiya Siddhiratri. With HER gratitude the half body of Lord Shiva became that of Meri Maiya and hence, he came to be known as "Ardhanarishvar". Meri Maiya Siddhiratri is worshiped by all Gods, Rishis-Munis, Siddhas, Yogis, Sadhakas and devotees for attaining; the best religious asset. Meri Maiya Siddhiratri's famous pilgrim centre, is located in Nanda Parvat in the Himalayas.

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