Meri Maiya Navratras and the Lunar Hindi Tithi  8th (Ashtmi) of Sukla Paksha (Sudi) as per the Hindu Almanac, of every month is very Auspicious days for Meri Maiya Puja and observing Fast or Varut for Meri Maiya Vaishnodevi 

I would also suggest you to light Jyoti of Meri Maiya on all Meri Maiya Ashtmi days with a little cotton and oil kept in a vessel and perform Puja of Meri Maiya and sing Meri Maiya Aarti you prefer .....

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I really appreciate your great Shradha for Meri Maiya Vaishnodevi. I have tried to give some tips on observing Fast or Varut on Meri Maiya Navratras and on Meri Maiya Asthmi days ..... I would request you to Please correct me and also forgive me, if I am wrong or if I have misinterpreted the Vidhis of Meri Maiya Puja .....

I would request you to, Please eat Vegetarian food only, as you know Vaishno Dharm is formed in the name of Meri Maiya Vaishnodevi .....

..... Please feel Free with Meri Maiya Vaishnodevi .....


Having Fast or Varut of Meri Maiya is the easiest I suppose. I know Meri Maiya is happy, if we just have one time meal in a day for Meri Maiya Fast or Varut and a little Puja and Aradhna of Meri Maiya. Meri Maiya has no compulsion of any type for observing HER Fast or Varut .....

I am sorry, I know Meri Maiya likes us to be simple and clear in whatever we do ..... and consistent of what we have been doing .....

Observing Fast or Varut for Meri Maiya is great but if you can't for some personal reasons, there is no problem ..... Meri Maiya knows all ..... Meri Maiya is very Kind Hearted .....

Performing Meri Maiya Puja is the easiest of all. Just fold your hands and say "Jai Mata Di" to Meri Maiya Vaishnodevi .....

Please light a Jyoti in front of Meri Maiya Vaishnodevi picture or statue. Meri Maiya is also known as Jyotanwalli and is present in the Holy Flame. Visit Meri Maiya Mandir (if possible), or pray to Meri Maiya at home.

Jyoti Hai Meri Maiya Vaishnodevi, 
Jyoti Hai Meri Maiya Kali,
Jyoti Jale Meri Maiya Ki, Har Raat Hai Diwali

Jisne Jalai Ghar Mein, Yeh Nihal Karti Hai
Bhakton Ke Pure Yeh Sawal Karti Hai
Yeh Jyoti Meri Maiya Ki Kamal Karti Hai

Your Shradha for Meri Maiya is great and its your Shradha, which will fulfill all your wishes.

Meri Maiya Vaishnodevi Prasad of Halwa /Poori / Channa 

If possible, feed a little adolescent girl (Kunjka) daily or feed 9 Kunjkayen on the last day of fasting of Meri Maiya Navratras in Love to Meri Maiya. If this is not possible, distribute dry fruits (especially Akhrod and Raisins) and fresh fruits to Kunjkayen or if you have problems with that you can distribute chocolates and packed food packets which Kunjkayen's would surely love to have ..... It is very much known, Meri Maiya gives HER divine Darshan in forms of these little girls. 

!! Jai Mata Di !!

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