I really appreciate your great Shradha for Meri Maiya Vaishnodevi. I have tried to give some tips on Performing Meri Maiya Puja at Meri Maiya Darbar and at Home during Meri Maiya Navratras and on Meri Maiya Asthmi days ..... I would request you to Please correct me and also forgive me, if I am wrong or if I have misinterpreted the Vidhis of Meri Maiya Puja .....

Way of Performing Puja of Meri Maiya is very easy ..... Please sit calm and relax in front of Meri Maiya while thinking of Meri Maiya in front of you .....


..... Please feel Free with Meri Maiya Vaishnodevi .....

Performing Meri Maiya Puja at .....

Meri Maiya Darbar  your Home

Please follow closely .....

Meri Maiya Darbar

Meri Maiya Darbar is open for Meri Maiya Bhakts 24 hrs a day, 365 days a year for Meri Maiya Darshan .....

..... Meri Maiya is always with HER childrens .....

I know, the time for having Meri Maiya Darshan is very less ..... for about 15 to 20 seconds ..... but as someone has rightly said "Small is Beautiful" ..... and its not the time that matters, its your Shradha for Meri Maiya Vaishnodevi ..... one glimpse of HER children, and Meri Maiya bestows all HER LOVE .....

Please Note : Meri Maiya has revealed HERSELF in the form of Pindies inside the Pavitra Gufa. There are no Statues or Murti. Therefore, Please focus your attention on the Natural Pindies only when you go to Sanctum Santorium for Meri Maiya Darshan .....

I request you to, Please have Meri Maiya Darshan yourself and do not waste time to look for your family and friends if they have had Meri Maiya Darshan, while you are in front of Meri Maiya ..... It would be best, if you tell them in advance and ask them to have Meri Maiya Darshan at their will .....

Please, Please, Please have your full concentration for your Meri Maiya Darshan .....

Meri Maiya Aarti is performed twice daily at Meri Maiya Darbar. During Meri Maiya Aarti, Meri Maiya Bhakts are immersed in devoutness and joyful prayer, and in singing Meri Maiya Bhajans .....

Timings of Meri Maiya Arti in Meri Maiya Darbar

Please Note : Meri Maiya Darshan are closed during Meri Maiya Aarti 

If you happen to sit in Meri Maiya Aarti at Meri Maiya Darbar .....

1. Please, during Meri Maiya Aarti keep yourself Neat and Clean
2. Please sit in front of Meri Maiya Pavitra Gufa with other Meri Maiya Bhakts 
3. Please, do not talk during Meri Maiya Aarti / Bhajans 
5. Please do not laugh if any of your Meri Maiya Bhakt is not singing properly
6. Due to some urgency if you have to go, please move away silently
7. Sit wherever you get place
8. Please, avoid disturbing other Meri Maiya Bhakts

Clothes for Meri Maiya :

Meri Maiya clothes consists of Meri Maiya Chola, Meri Maiya Parda, and Meri Maiya Chunri .....

A big fair is held at Meri Maiya Bhavan in Meri Maiya Pavitra Navratras being held twice a Year i.e. around April and October .....

In Meri Maiya Navratras and all through out the year, lakhs of Meri Maiya Bhakts walk in procession on foot from Katra to Meri Maiya Darbar carrying religious symbols and offer those colorful symbol to Meri Maiya at HER Darbar .....

Meri Maiya Bhakts take their children for Mundan ceremony and newly wed couples offer prayers for their happy married life ..... 

Lakhs of Meri Maiya Bhakts sing Meri Maiya Bhajans and Meri Maiya Jaikara's  and get immersed in the joy of Meri Maiya .....

At Home

Meri Maiya Navratras and the Lunar Hindi Tithi  8th (Ashtmi) of Sukla Paksha (Sudi) as per the Hindu Almanac, of every month is very Auspicious days for Meri Maiya Puja and observing Fast or Varut for Meri Maiya Vaishnodevi 

During Navratras

Please make Aashan (Chowki) for Meri Maiya and have Meri Maiya seated on it. Place a Kalash (bowl) filled with water or Ganga Jal near Meri Maiya. Perform Meri Maiya Aarti and Puja on all Nine Days in this form. On the Eighth day, Little girls (7 or 9) are fed with Meri Maiya Prasad of Halwa, Puri, Channa etc ..... (though you may also feed Kunjkayen on all days during Meri Maiya Navratras). Please also have a boy child fed along with Little Kunjkayen. On the Ninth day, Please perform Puja of all Meri Maiya Pictures and Statues in your House .....

Meri Maiya will not praise you for how many Meri Maiya Navratras you did or how you did them, but how much Happily and with full Shradha and Devotion to Meri Maiya Vaishnodevi you observed Meri Maiya Navratra fast or varut .....

Please "Be Simple and Genuine"

Learn More of .....
Meri Maiya Fast or Varut Meri Maiya Tyohar

I would also suggest you to light Jyoti of Meri Maiya on all Meri Maiya Ashtmi days with a little cotton and oil kept in a vessel and Perform Meri Maiya Puja and sing Meri Maiya Aarti you prefer .....

Please light a Jyoti in front of Meri Maiya Vaishnodevi picture or Statue. Meri Maiya is also known as Jyotanwalli and is present in the Holy Flame and pray to Meri Maiya at home.

Meri Maiya Prasad is Halwa, Puri, and Channa.....

even fruits or dry fruits, 

or your just plain Roti and Daal

or coconut

Red Chunri and Chhater is also being offered

Every month on Sukla Paksha Ashtmi or whenever you wish to do Meri Maiya Puja, Please sweep the floor and clean utensils etc. 

Prepare Halwa, Puri and Channa with your total Shradha ..... and when it's ready, Please keep it in the place you wish to Perform Meri Maiya Puja. Also, prepare a Thali with Roli, Rice, Agarbati, Deepak, Flowers, etc.

Please keep Meri Maiya Photo or Picture or Statue on a table of at least 27'' (inches) height.

In front of Meri Maiya Photo, lit Pure Ghee Diya (Deepak). Lit Meri Maiya Jyoti and while pouring Ghee in Meri Maiya Pavitra Jyoti, chant "Jai Mata Di". 

After offering of Prasad to Meri Maiya, distribute the Prasad among all the present Meri Maiya Bhakts and your neighborhood.

You may also, Sing Meri Maiya Aarti and recite Meri Maiya Chalisa .....


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Preparing for Meri Maiya Puja 




Jyoti Hai Meri Maiya Vaishnodevi, 
Jyoti Hai Meri Maiya Kali,
Jyoti Jale Meri Maiya Ki, Har Raat Hai Diwali

Jisne Jalai Ghar Mein, Yeh Nihal Karti Hai
Bhakton Ke Pure Yeh Sawal Karti Hai
Yeh Jyoti Meri Maiya Ki Kamal Karti Hai


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Meri Maiya Pavitra Jyot being Prajavalit (Lit)





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" Hae Mayi Meri Sanchiyan Jyotanwalli Mata Teri Sada Hi Jai "





It is very much known, Meri Maiya gives HER divine Darshan in forms of little girls


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Kunjkayen Puja




Some Suggestions for doing Meri Maiya Puja the right way :

Sit in Vajraasan position (i.e. kneel down, with your legs under your buttocks) and with a Rudraksh Mala (108 beads) in your hand, and recite Meri Maiya Maha Mantra, in your heart once with each bead. Please remember, you should not make even humming sound or noise while doing Meri Maiya Puja ..... as only in complete silence, you can hear Meri Maiya and SHE will answer all your questions in your own voice from inside you .....

If you wish to be happy, do what your Heart says. Use your brain while taking decisions but never suppress your inner voice. Always listen to what it says, because it is the voice of Meri Maiya and you will be the most happiest .....

It may take some time to practice, but it definitely works ..... Please, Do try it .....

!! Jai Mata Di !!

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